2020 CSU C|M|LAW Graduates

Congratulations to our CSU Cleveland-Marshall College of Law Class of 2020! Virtual Commencement will be held May 30, 2020, at 1 p.m. and an in-person ceremony will be scheduled at a later date. In the meantime, we honor and celebrate the tremendous achievement of the outstanding individuals listed below who have earned their degrees this year. Law school is a monumental accomplishment in the best of times, and we are so proud of the tenacity and resilience our students have shown during this challenging and unprecedented semester. Never forget that we believe in you and that we are your law school for life.

Commencement Program Book

The Degree of Juris Doctor (J.D)

Tameem Abdullah

Caitlyn Adams

Anthony Alto

Tyler Amick

Gary Baker

Carley Berman

Allison Bussard

Joseph Caborn

Micole Cannon

Daria Chalupa

Rebecca Christian-Lipker

Joseph Collins

Allyson DiPofi

Aleah Douglas

Heather Early

Danielle Easton

Olivia El-Kamhawy

Halie Evans

Matthew Fazekas

Carl Felice

Michael Fyffe

Alexandria Gardella

Thomas Gentiluomo

Terry Graham III

Kendall Grodek

Alexandra Haller

Jessica Hamad

Brian Harper

Jon Heberling

Kaitlyn Heintzelman

Robert Higgins

Lauren Holler

Grace Hurley

Heaven Jaafar

Hannah Kalish

James Kashien

Megan Katz

Margaret Keenan

George Kennett

Hana Khalaf

Charles Khalil

Malek Khawam

William Killmeyer

Ashley Kirk

Gareth Klieber

Elizabeth Klucher

Mitchell Knerr

Emily Kontur

Barrie Landrock

Kieran Layton

Patrick Lipaj

Joelle Livorse

Lucia Lopez-Hisijos

Nathan Lovette

Cassidy Lowden

Jamarcus Macartney

Jacob Margolis

Brittany May

Mason McCarthy

Daniel McCarthy

Lacey Mencl

Brian Moracz

Katie Morgan

Joseph Nelson

Marcus Noel

Susan Oates

Liam O'Brien

Michael Paskert

Krystle Rivera

Stephen Robison

Alexis Rose

Meredith Ruetty

Regina Russo

Brendan Sala

Tiffany Sarmiento

Hunter Seide

Erica Seman

Zachary Shapiro

Riley Shaw

Spencer Shaw

Madison Smith

Patrycja Sobon

Nicholas Space

Connor Stease

Elchanan Stern

Amanda Steve

Peter Sullivan

Robert Syto

Heather Thomas

Connor Tomich

Matthew Wagner

Candace Wahba

Tyler Walchanowicz

Lauren Wazevich

Schneur Weiszner

Michael Weitzman

Kyle Wheeler

Kelly Wojtila

Sarah Wyss

Victoria Zanoudakis

The Degree of Master of Legal Studies (M.L.S)

Charles Bevel

Loretta Dawson

Thomas DeCastra

Emily Groleski

Domonique Hill

Emily Koudelka

Leah Pridemore

Tricia Strunak

James Unick

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