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Credit Hours:
(6 Credit Hours through 2004-2005; 2 Semesters) (5 Credit Hours beginning 2005-2006; 2 Semesters)

The course considers injuries to and interference with persons or property, including intentional wrongs such as assault, battery and false imprisonment, and unintentional wrongs grounded in negligence or strict liability. The course also treats such concepts as causation, duty, contributory and comparative negligence, and assumption of risk. Other wrongs, such as products liability, defamation and nuisance may be covered. The course may also include the following: workings of the legal process; immunities; insurance; damages; the social, economic and political implications of decisional and statutory law; and topics of current interest. A grade is entered on the student’s transcript for each semester of the course. Required for graduation. Offered through 2011-12 academic year.

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