Degree Requirements

We offer weekday day and evening classes and some Saturday classes during the fall and spring terms, as well as courses during the summer semester in both the day and evening. In addition, CSU College of Law offers two intensive short courses between the fall and spring semesters and after the summer semester, along with an online JD program.

CSU College of Law requires 90 credit hours for graduation. Students must complete the J.D. requirements in no fewer than 24 months and no more than 72 months from the time that they begin classes at the CSU College of Law. Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 to receive a J.D.

For full-time students, the maximum course load is 18 hours per semester and the minimum course load is 10 hours per semester. For part-time students, the maximum course load is twelve hours per semester and the minimum course load is eight hours per semester.

To complete the J.D., students must take the Required Core Curriculum—first year courses of Civil Procedure, Contracts, Criminal Law, Legal Writing, Legislation & the Regulatory State, Property and Torts—and Constitutional Law, as well as six additional required courses: Evidence, Professional Responsibility, a third semester of Legal Writing, an experiential skills course, and a course in which they satisfy the Upper Level Writing Requirement. The Required Core Curriculum is completed in the first two years, whether one is full-time or part time. See the Graduation Requirements Worksheets.



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