LL.M. Program Supplemental Policies

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  1. It is expected that an LL.M. candidate will take at least 10 (12 for graduates of foreign law schools) semester hours of course work in an area of concentration. The area of concentration will be designated in consultation with the candidate's graduate advisor.
  2. When required, the master's thesis must be 60 typed pages or longer, not including footnotes.
  3. Completion of all degree requirements normally takes two academic years or longer.
  4. Credit hours for the core common law course(s) required of graduates from law schools in non-common law countries may be included in the 24 credit hours required for the degree as long as the grade(s) received is a “C” or better, in which case the grade will be included in the calculation of the student’s cumulative grade point average.
  5. A candidate may take up to three semester hours of independent legal research under the direction of a member of the faculty, with the approval of the candidate's graduate advisor. If the candidate writes an independent study or seminar paper, the candidate's LL.M. thesis, when required, must be on a topic that is either completely different from or a very significant expansion of that paper. The LL.M. thesis is regarded as a requirement in addition to any work done toward the 20 semester hours of course credit required for the degree.
  6. When a thesis is required, at or near the completion of course work, and in no case later than one year prior to the four-year termination date of the candidate's program, the candidate shall locate a faculty member knowledgeable in his or her field to serve as thesis advisor. Normally, the thesis advisor will be a different person than the candidate's graduate advisor. The candidate shall inform the Committee on Graduate Studies of the name of the thesis advisor and, upon approval of the selection, the committee shall inform the faculty member in writing that he or she has been designated as the candidate's thesis advisor. The candidate shall secure the thesis advisor's approval for the proposed thesis topic at this time.
  7. No later than nine months prior to the four-year termination date of the candidate's program, the candidate shall present to the thesis advisor written evidence of extensive research and analysis of the subject of the thesis. Drafts of sections of the thesis should then be submitted to the advisor for criticism and advice, at the advisor's discretion. A draft of the complete thesis should be submitted to the advisor no later than three months prior to the four-year termination date of the candidate's program.
  8. Students studying on a student visa must take a minimum of 8 credit hours per semester.