Global Space Law Center

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C|M|LAW is the first law school in the United States to create a research center dedicated exclusively to the study of the law of outer space.

The GSLC is committed to three primary goals:

  • To promote the development of law for the peaceful use of outer space
  • To facilitate the growth of the commercial space industry
  • To train next-generation space lawyers


  • Summer Online Course on Space Law 
  • An Online Space Law Research Guide
  • A Research Council 

Summer Online Course

Space Law: A Global View

This 3-credit hour asynchronous online course will feature multi-media learning modules on the multiplicity of legal issues facing a space-faring world.  Students will have the freedom to complete the learning modules at any time according to their own schedules. 


  • Law students around the world
  • Practitioners and space industry executives  

Course Content

Students attending the course will receive a broad education in space law starting with the overarching international treaties that govern the activities of nations in space and ending with the domestic regulations of individual countries that play a major role in shaping the success of highly innovative new space companies.  Other issues that will be covered include the use of force in space, liability for damage caused by space objects, questions of jurisdiction, the rescue and return of astronauts, remote sensing, property rights, asteroid mining, the allotment of orbital slots, export controls on space technology, financing space ventures, and contracting practices.


The course will be taught by the Director of the GSLC, Professor Mark J. Sundahl, a leading international space lawyer. The course will also feature guest lectures and interviews with thought leaders from government and industry.

Technical Requirements

The course will be hosted on the Blackboard online learning platform.  Students need only have access to the Internet in order to attend the course.  The course will adhere to the highest standards of online learning. 

*Please note that only your home institution can determine whether the credits earned at C|M|LAW by taking this course can be applied toward your degree at that institution.

Registration for the course will open Spring 2018.

More Information will be posted soon. Please email Professor Mark Sundahl with questions or to receive updates.

WATCH Prof. Sundahl talk about the Center launch and the growing job opportunites in Space Law:

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