Honor Code

The Cleveland-Marshall Law School Honor Code is intended to serve three purposes. First, as the Ohio Code of Professional Responsibility requires attorneys to maintain the integrity and competence of the legal profession, the Honor Code similarly requires law students to maintain the integrity and competence of those who seek to become attorneys. Second, the Honor Code establishes rules and guidelines to define what conduct is proper and what is outside the bounds of propriety in the Law School community. All students are obligated to make themselves familiar with the provisions of the Code and to seek help from the appropriate instructor or administrator if they have questions about the Code. Ignorance of the provisions of the Code will not be a defense to a claimed violation. Third, the Honor Code demonstrates the commitment of the faculty and staff of the Law School to assuring high standards of ethical and professional conduct. Claims of violations of the Code will be taken seriously and handled expeditiously. Students who report possible violations will be treated with respect. Students who are charged with violating the Code will be afforded fair procedures for contesting the charges.

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