Business and Corporate Law MLS Track

The MLS track in Business and Corporate Law is designed for students interested in developing a legal perspective on the organizations and industries in which they work. This track begins with a required course in Contract Law, introducing students to the law of private agreements, which are the fundamental building blocks of a capitalistic economic system. We offer a wide variety of electives in this track. For example, courses in tax give students the chance to learn both the structure and the details of the American taxation system and also explore how businesses and individuals respond to and plan for the obligations imposed by the tax code. Courses in Corporations, Securities Regulations and Mergers and Acquisitions expose students to basic and advanced issues of corporate governance, shareholder relations, corporate finance, and business combinations. Other electives focus on the issues businesses face as employers (Employment Law, Labor Law, and Employee Pension and Benefits – ERISA) and still others focus on the commercial aspects of the business world (Commercial Law, Secured Transactions and Bankruptcy).

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