Corporate Compliance MLS Track

Cleveland-Marshall’s MLS Corporate Compliance Track is designed for compliance professionals and those seeking to enter the field. Compliance officers are employed by regulatory agencies and corporations and are responsible for ensuring that corporations comply with laws and regulations in a variety of industries. Students pursuing this track take courses that allow them to understand the complex regulatory environment, how corporations ensure compliance with regulations and laws by adopting internal policies and procedures, how to identifying risks and designing policies and controls to reduce risks. The track begins with students enrolling in Legislation and Regulation where students learn how legislation and regulation is adopted and how it impacts businesses. The track continues with courses in corporate compliance and white-collar crime and specialized courses that discuss the regulatory environments in which businesses operate including banking, securities, environmental and international law. As part of this track, students have the ability to take up to 8 credits of courses in the Monte Ahuja College of Business.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

For more information, contact Prof. JONATHAN WITMER-RICH.


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