Cybersecurity and Data Privacy MLS Track

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Center for Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection housed at Cleveland-Marshall takes an integrative approach to education, preparing students to understand the technical and business dimensions of cybersecurity and privacy as well as the legal and regulatory frameworks.

A structured slate of courses prepare students to work in the fast-growing fields of cybersecurity and data privacy. The increasing number and sophistication of cyber attacks on private and public organizations combined with a growing and complex array of data security and privacy regulations at the state, national and international levels has made data security and privacy protection one of the fastest growing career areas. The Center takes a cutting-edge, interdisciplinary approach to address privacy and cyber-risk management concerns.

Additionally, the Center brings leading industry, legal and government experts to campus throughout the year, including at its annual Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection Conference held each Spring. Students are invited and encouraged to participate in these events and network with the professional community in the Northeast Ohio region. 


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