Health Law and Health Care Compliance MLS Track

The MLS tracks in Health Law and Health Care Compliance are designed to equip those employed, or seeking employment, in the health care field, with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the dynamic world of health care. Students pursing the Health Law track take courses that permit them to understand the basic laws that impact the health care industry. Students pursuing the Health Care Compliance track take courses that allow them to comprehend the complex laws and regulations that govern the operation of the health care industry. In addition to pursuing the MLS degree, students in both tracks have the opportunity to receive certificates in either Health Law or Health Care Compliance. Both tracks begin with a basic course in Tort Law where students learn the fundamental legal concepts that apply to the various interactions and transactions that occur between patients, the government, health insurance companies, prescription drug companies, and health care providers. The tracks continue with specialized courses that provide a thorough understanding of the basic structure of the health care system, the manner in which the health care system is financed, and the ethical and regulatory obligations of health care providers. As a part of the tracks, students have the option of taking courses in health-related disciplines like business, public health and bioethics.


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