CSU College of Law students may study in a foreign country though summer or semester abroad programs arranged through other law schools or arranged directly with a foreign institution.

Generally, credits earned through ABA-accredited law school programs will be transferable to your JD degree. A student who wishes to study at a foreign institution that is not affiliated with an ABA-accredited law school, will need to work with one of the Associate Deans to determine whether CSU College of Law can award credit for your proposed foreign study. In addition, students should consult with the Office of Student and Career Services to determine how their desired program fits within the overall law school curriculum.

In accordance with ABA Foreign Study Criterion I.A.3., CSU College of Law states the following educational objectives that it seeks to achieve by permitting its students to study at foreign institutions for credit toward the JD degree:

  • To better prepare students to practice law in a global context;
  • To permit students to obtain substantive knowledge of laws and legal systems that goes beyond the curriculum at CSU College of Law;
  • To help students learn about the law and legal culture of foreign jurisdictions in which they have a particular interest; and
  • To offer students the opportunity to identify and reflect on their own values and legal training within the context of foreign cultural settings.
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