Key Contacts

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Please keep this list of Key Contacts at the Law School handy and do not hesitate to contact any of us—we are here to help make your transition to law school as free of complications as possible.

(The area code for all telephone numbers is 216)

Lee Fisher
Interim Dean
LL 111 687-2300
Mark J. Sundahl
Associate Dean
LL 158 687-2335
Milena Sterio
Associate Dean
LB 131 687-3852
Lauren M. Collins
Director of the Law Library
LL 212A 687-3547
Christopher Lucak
Assistant Dean for Admission and Financial Aid
LB 137A 687-2304
Amy L. Miller
Director of Student Life
LB 23 687-2537
Heather DiFranco
Director, Office of Career Planning
LB 137B 687-2540
Sarah Beznoska
Assistant Director, Office of Career Planning
LB 137C 687-2260
Mary Jane McGinty
Director of Bar Preparation
LB 147 687-2297
Kelly Curtis
Director of Academic Excellence Program
LB 54 687-2359
Marcie Rechner
Student Records / Supreme Court & Bar Examination Registration
LB 142 687-2289


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