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All Saturday morning CLE's are from 9:00 am - 12:15 pm.  Registration begins at 8:30am.

March 22 - Elder Care Law

Many myths abound regarding Medicaid and Veterans benefits eligibility.  This CLE will detail the complex eligibility criteria for Medicaid for elderly clients, both in and out of nursing homes.  The CLE will detail strategies commonly used by elder law attorneys to protect assets legally.  The CLE will also detail the Veterans Benefits available to elders facing chronic care, and their intersection with the Medicaid system. Even if you are not an elder law attorney, knowing what pitfalls to avoid in advising an increasingly aging population will give the attorney valuable information.

The program will further delve into the subject of elder care with the issue of elder abuse.  The CLE will explain what constitutes elder abuse, neglect (including self-neglect) and financial exploitation, how to recognize the “red flags” of elder abuse, the duty to report, and what measures Adult Protective Services can take under APS law and/or guardianship law, to reduce the risk to vulnerable older adults.

As our families and clients age and begin to face nursing home stays and chronic disease management, knowing the way the long term care system works is critical.  When a loved one or client goes into a nursing home, they do not always understand their rights under federal and state law within that system.

Speakers: Rachel A. Kabb-Effron, Esq. and Kelli Kay Perk, Esq.

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April 26 - Electronic Surveillance: The Drones Are Coming

By 2015 the FAA is required to publish rules permitting the commercial and government use of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) in U.S. airspace.  The prospect of a 24 hour a day eye in the sky is a concern to many while the uses of drones to protect the environment, disaster relief, search and rescue and improve agriculture are eagerly anticipated by others.  This seminar will explore the technology of ROVs along with the legal, cultural and policy issues of the widespread use of autonomous and semi-autonomous aircraft in the skies over the United States.

Speakers: Dean Boland, Esq., Professor  Milena Sterio, David Marburger, Esq., and Marc McKee

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May 3 - The Affordable Care Act and Health Care Reform

This program will deal with the Affordable Care Act (aka “Health Care Reform”), beginning with an overview of the ACA including an explanation and comparison of the various health insurance exchanges including state, federal, and Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) Exchanges.  The presentation will outline the most significant economic indicators that drove the passage of the Affordable Care Act and examine it from a fiscal and healthcare perspective.  Attendees will learn about the types of products and services insurance carriers have created in response to ACA, the response from the broker community and the response from small and mid-market employers.  The program will also include discussion on topics such as small market on and off exchange plan designs, the impact to HRA and Cafeteria plans and the defined contribution / voluntary / private exchange or enrollment system and new self-funded options.

Speakers: Drew Barnholtz, Esq., Vince Berardinelli, and David Schweighoefer, Esq.

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May 10 - Continuing the Art of Trial Law: Hear It, See It, Practice It


Veteran and high profile trial lawyers will share their knowledge and experience with the program attendees. This seminar will be much more than just listening to speakers from the podium. The practitioners will perform live demonstrations ensuring that this will be an interactive experience. Attendees will be able to engage in question and answer sessions with all invited speakers. Whether a civil or criminal attorney, everyone will leave the seminar better prepared to succeed in the courtroom.

Chair/Moderator: Ian Friedman, Esq.

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Tuition: Advance Registration, paid 7 days in advance: $85.  Registration paid less than 7 days in advance: $100. 

CMLAA Members receive a $10 per program discount on Advance Registration. 

Register by calling 216-687-2368 or 216-687-2476 or online via credit card or PayPal!