Mentor Program


The Cleveland-Marshall Law Alumni Association Mentor Program matches first-year students with C-M Law graduates who can assist with adjusting to law school, learning more about the legal market in Northeast Ohio, meeting other alumni and attorneys, and more. 

Mentors will generously volunteer their time and knowledge to assist law students, offering support and advice as well as opportunities for their student to observe the law in practice by shadowing them to meetings or court or by attending programs with them. The students will be those enrolled at Cleveland-Marshall who find themselves in need of advice, guidance or counseling relative to law school, the Ohio Bar Examination, and/or the practice of law.


It is expected that each Mentor and student pairing will engage in no less than four (4) mentoring meetings during the academic year. 

Mentoring will entail introducing the student to a practical and realistic viewpoint of the expectations and requirements of legal education and the legal profession. For first year students, the parties can delve into discussions of various areas of law, good study habits, available resources, and any special need or concerns that may surface.

It is anticipated that the mentor/student relationship will develop into a trusting and nurturing friendship, mutually beneficial and rewarding over an extended period of time.

If you have questions or are interested in volunteering, please contact Sarah Beznoska, Assistant Dean for Student and Career Services at 216-687-2260.

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