What Makes CSU|LAW so Special

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Whether you are applying as a first year JD, transfer, MLS, Online JDLL.M. or one of our Health Care certificates, know that you are taking the first step to enter an institution whose reputation, influence and esteem reaches far beyond our walls. By choosing to learn law at CSU College of Law, you can become part of a global community of practitioners, leaders, and scholars who also learned law in our exceptional environment of mutual respect, academic excellence, and service.


“Coming out of CSU, I was ready to hit the ground running in my practice. I had faculty that I can still call on when I have questions about things or need guidance. There is no better school.”
– Elizabeth Bonham '15, Staff Attorney, ACLU of Ohio
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  • Exciting downtown location, steps from courts and law firms, give CSU|LAW students an edge on hands-on legal practice
  • High employment rates
  • Affordable tuition and cost of living 
  • Non-Ohio residents pay in-state tuition 
  • Scholarships guaranteed each year by maintaining good academic standing
  • Comprehensive bar passage program, including strategic partnership with BARBRI bar preparation company
  • Longstanding commitment to social justice and hands-on opportunities to work for reform
  • Groundbreaking leadership education 
  • One of the strongest and most engaged alumni networks of any law school provides immeasurable support from your first year of law school to your ongoing career
  • Rich curriculum in numerous practice areas, including cutting-edge legal fields like cybersecurity and global space law 
  • Student-centered attention from faculty and academic success programs help you become successful from the day you enter law school
  • Technologically advanced trial courtroom and state-of-the-art learning commons 
  • Flexible full-time, part-time day and part-time evening study options
  • Solo Practice Incubator offers modern office space and support to help graduates launch solo firms 
  • The convertible J.D. option converts your first year of study to a full Master of Legal Studies Degree, generally with only one additional class, if after the first year you decide law school isn’t for you 
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