Live, work and study in Cleveland

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Cosmopolitan amenities and small town friendliness

Cleveland-Marshall is a located in the heart of downtown Cleveland – a city that is attracting positive national attention and rising in popularity among young professionals for its exciting entertainment, lifestyle and cultural and business opportunities. The city also boasts one of the largest legal markets in the country and is home to leading health care organizations with international prominence. All of this adds up to make Cleveland a great place to live, work and study.

LA Native Timsi Pathek shares her C|M|LAW story:

Timsi Pathak
Attorney, U.S. Department of Education
Office for Civil Rights
BA, University of California at Irvine
C|M|LAW '09

Los Angeles native Timsi Pathek had never stepped foot in Cleveland before arriving for law school, and never expected to find the place she’d call home. “Blown away” by the friendliness of Cleveland residents and the fact that at C|M|LAW – from the dean, to faculty, to other students’ parents (who gave the unprepared Californian a box of cold weather gear for her first Ohio winter) – everyone cared how she was doing both personally and academically. The close-knit legal community offered the same support. “I remember people helping me for no reason. If you meet at networking events, the willingness of other attorneys to say ‘I want to see you succeed, what can I do?’ is amazing. ” When her summer internships led to full time work, Timsi decided to stay in the city that had welcomed her. “They’ve done a great job revitalizing the downtown area – it’s a fun place for young professionals and the cost of living in Cleveland is so affordable.”

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