College Graduates

Checklist to Apply

  • Carefully review all information on the CSU C|M|LAW website. Every question and concern you have will be addressed there; make sure to check the website before visiting so you have thoughtful questions ready for the admission officer.
  • Gather your CSU C|M|LAW application materials!
  • Write a draft of your personal statement, check for errors, and then consult with someone (e.g. professor, parent, or pre-law advisor) on your draft. Revise accordingly.
  • Get applications in as EARLY as possible. CSU C|M|LAW begins accepting applications on September 1 and makes admission decisions on a regular basis.
  • Ask for letters of recommendation and provide those willing to write them with the proper forms (if applicable), stamped and addressed envelopes, the deadlines, and any other materials requested (some recommenders may want to see your resume, transcript, or personal statement). LSAC offers a letter of recommendation service at no additional cost to you once you are registered with the LSDAS. Visit to learn more.
  • Arrange for transmission of all application materials (transcripts, letters of recommendation, application, personal statement, resume, etc.) through
  • Monitor your LSDAS account regularly for receipt of materials. This can be done online at
  • Complete the FAFSA and the CSU Cleveland-Marshall Aid Applications as soon after January 1 as possible.
  • Take appropriate actions on acceptances, wait-lists, and financial aid. Pay attention to deposit amounts and deadlines.
  • Visit CSU C|M|LAW. It is important to get a “feel” for the school. We also offer admitted students the opportunity to visit during admitted student receptions.
  • Before arriving on campus, if admitted, arrange for the transmission of your final transcript (a/k/a a “degree granting transcript”, a transcript that shows you’ve received your Bachelor’s degree) to the law school you will be attending.

We look forward to seeing you at Cleveland State University and CSU Cleveland-Marshall College of Law!

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