CSU College of Law is committed to providing a high quality legal education in the most affordable manner possible. To these ends, the law school utilizes two types of scholarships to aid in funding our students’ education: internal and external scholarships.

Internal scholarships are those awarded by the law school based on an applicant’s academic merits. While undergraduate grades and LSAT scores are the primary factors in determining scholarships, we do factor in other personal and professional attributes of our applicants. Scholarships are awarded competitively as part of the admission process. All applicants to CSU|LAW are considered for scholarships.

Scholarships available up to $20,000.

Once awarded, law school scholarships are guaranteed (six semesters for full-time students/eight semesters for part-time students), as long as good academic standing (2.25 GPA) is maintained.

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External scholarships are managed and awarded by outside organizations and intuitions independently of the law school. These scholarships have a wide range of award values and are targeted at students with a variety of backgrounds and interests. Additionally, external scholarships each have a unique set of application criteria and students should be mindful of these details as they apply. We encourage you to explore and apply for outside scholarships.

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