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2022 CMLAA Scholarship 

Apply by 12 pm on Friday March 25, 2022

The Cleveland State University College of Law Alumni Association’s Student Scholarship Program was established in 1990 to aid worthy law students at Cleveland State University College of Law.

CMLAA Student Scholarship

Scholarship funding is available for any full-time or part-time students returning for classes in Fall 2022. Open to all students, but LCOP students strongly encouraged to apply. Those graduating in Spring 2022 are ineligible to apply. Scholarship amounts may be between $1,000-$3,000 for a few students, depending on funding each year.

When determining the scholarship recipients, CMLAA will consider the following:

  1. participation in undergraduate organizations/activities
  2. participation in community activities/organizations
  3. unique life circumstances which warrant recognition
  4. financial need
  5. employment
  6. scholastic achievement in undergraduate studies

The above criteria have been established as guidelines for the granting of this scholarship. They are, however, not the sole criteria. Other factors, in addition to those set forth above, may also be considered.

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CMLAA Live Justice Scholarship

The CMLAA Live Justice Scholarship Fund is a scholarship fund designed to aid students who are pursuing legal careers dedicated to juvenile justice or social justice initiatives. All current students committed to social justice work can apply.

Since the purpose of the scholarship is to help defray costs so that students are encouraged to pursue legal careers in the social justice field, the CMLAA Scholarship Committee is looking for students who not only possess a strong commitment to social justice, but who also demonstrate financial need. The strength of each applicant’s commitment to social justice work will be based on demonstrated prior and current work in the area, and a commitment to continued social justice work after graduation. Priority will be given to students who can demonstrate a direct need for the financial award in order to pursue social justice internships, externships, and other job opportunities during the school year or over summer break.

Scholarships are awarded on a one-time basis. The precise amount of the scholarship award is determined on a sliding scale ranging from $2,000-$4,000. Students may apply for the Live Justice Scholarship in addition to other scholarships offered by the CMLAA and the law school, and may apply multiple years in row.

Some examples (not exhaustive) of possible Social Justice Internships, Externships and Jobs include: Legal Aid programs · Immigrant legal services programs · ACLU · Public Defenders offices · Legal Assistance programs for indigent clients and/or for victims of domestic violence · International human rights organizations

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