General Information

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For any externship, you must have substantially completed the Required Core Curriculum (RCC), completed 29 credits, and have a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.0 or better.  Some externships have additional prerequisites, such as course requirements, GPA requirements, or background checks.  You must fill out an application and release of information in order for us to find an appropriate placement for you.

Externships are subject to certain restrictions: 

  1. You may not receive compensation for your work as an Extern;
  2. You cannot participate in an Externship and a Clinic during the same semester. See Academic Regulation 4.8.
  3. You may not enroll in the same externship more than once.  This includes Judicial Externships (LAW 815).
  4. Of the 90 credits required for graduation, at least 73 must be in courses other than clinics or externships.  Also, at least 68 of the 90 credits must be in non-800 level courses (e.g., clinics, externships, independent legal research, Moot Court, Law Review and Journal).   See Academic Regulation 4.3.

For every externship, you must commit to work a certain number of hours and participate in the Externship Seminar.

The number of credits you may receive depends on the semester and the externship placement. In the fall or spring 14-week term, you must commit to work 16 hours/week to receive 4 credits and 24 hours/week to receive 6 credits. In the 7-week summer term, you must commit 24 hours/week to receive 3 credits and 40 hours/week to receive 5 credits. Some externships do not provide a choice in the number of credits that you may earn:  please see the specific terms and number of credits available under the listing for each externship.   You may enroll in more than one externship, subject to the restrictions listed under Prerequisites.

The Externship Seminar:

The Externship Seminar is taught by a full-time faculty member at the law school. Students submit weekly written journals and make a presentation about their externship experience. The course is graded Pass/Fail. This grade is based on four factors: completion of the required number of hours and assignments given by the site supervisor, the site supervisor's written evaluation of the extern's work, timely and thoughtful journal entries, and attendance and participation in the externship seminar including a presentation on the extern’s experience.

For more information about the Externship Program, please contact the Office of Career Planning, or 216-687-6871.