Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office

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Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office,

Criminal Division


 Location: Justice Center, 1200 Ontario Street, 9th Floor, Cleveland, Ohio 44113

Credits: 4 or 6 Credit Hours for Fall or Spring Term; 3 or 5 Credit Hours for Summer Term

Prerequisites: RCC; completion of at least 29 credit hours; minimum GPA 2.50; Constitutional Law either completed or taking concurrently; completed either Evidence and/or Criminal Procedure; Westlaw or Lexis certification; completion of successful background check by Prosecutor’s Office; and approval of site supervisor .

Externs are placed in the Appeals Unit, Criminal Division of the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office. Externs will assist in the preparation of post-conviction motions in the Court of Common Pleas, briefs in the Eighth District Court of Appeals and/or memoranda in response to jurisdiction in the Ohio Supreme Court.

Externs will first attend a training program that includes a presentation by Appeals Unit Supervisory staff, an overview of the State appellate process, a discussion of common legal issues and a discussion of preferred methods of brief preparation. Students will also meet with the Chief Trial Counsel or Major Trial Unit Supervisor, who will discuss trial preparation and conduct an informal discussion on the intricacies of litigating high-profile homicide cases.

 All students will have an opportunity to assist with or observe a criminal trial and to observe an oral argument before the Eighth District Court of Appeals. Externs will work on cases and/or pleadings with an Assistant County Prosecutor, who will supervise all legal research and brief preparation.

Students may register for 4 credits (16 hours per week) or 6 credits (24 hours per week) in the fall or spring terms; in the summer term, students may register for 3 credits (24 hours per week) or 5 credits (40 hours per week). Students in this externship also participate in an Externship Seminar conducted at the law school by the externship faculty supervisor. Graded Pass/Fail.

Interested students must contact Office of Career Planning, LB 137 in the Student Services Center,216-687-6871,  Applicants must show a strong interest in public service work and demonstrate superior research and writing skills. An Externship application, signed by Career Planning and student, a resume, writing sample must be submitted for consideration through Symplicity. Prosecutor Matthew E. Meyer, Appeals Unit Supervisor, will make the final selection of students.