Cuyahoga County Community College

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Cuyahoga Community College

Office of General Counsel


Location:  700 Carnegie Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44115

Credit Hours: 4 or 6 Credit Hours for Fall and Spring Term; 3 or 5 Credit Hours for Summer Term

Prerequisites:  RCC; completion of at least 29 credit hours; and approval of site supervisor.

Externship placement in the Office of General Counsel and Legal Services (OLS) at Cuyahoga Community College is available fall, spring and summer terms. The OLS mission is to provide innovative, practical and high quality legal advise to the entire college community.

Through the program, externs will be exposed to a wide spectrum of legal issues and projects undertaken by the OLS team. Emphasis will be placed on providing externs, under the supervision of in-house attorneys, with hands-on experiences and real assignments. Assignments may include:

• Performing legal research and drafting memoranda and/or other documents

• Conducting record reviews and productions in connection with public records requests, subpoenas and/or litigation

• Issuing preservation notices and ensuring record retention compliance

• Reviewing and drafting contracts

• Attending client meetings

• Participating in due process proceeding

• Policy and procedure development

• Assisting with internal complaints and/or investigations

• Attending administrative or court hearings, mediations and other proceedings

• Participating in College-wide meetings

Law students who are considering legal careers in education, government, nonprofit, corporate or employment law sectors will have ample opportunity to explore their interests through this externship program.

Students may register for 4 credits (16 hours per week) or 6 credits (24 hours per week) in the fall or spring terms; in the summer term, students may register for 3 credits (24 hours per week) or 5 credits (40 hours per week). Students in this externship also participate in an Externship Seminar conducted at the law school by the externship faculty supervisor. Graded Pass/Fail.

Interested students must contact Office of Career Planning, LB 137 in the Student Services Center,216-687-6871,  An Externship application, signed by Career Planning and student, a resume and writing sample must be submitted for consideration through Symplicity.  The Office of General Counsel will make the final selection of students following an interview process.