U.S. Attorney's Office

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United States Attorney’s Office: 

Civil and Criminal Divisions


Location:  United States Courthouse, 801 West Superior Avenue, Suite 400, Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Credits Hours: 4 Credit Hours for Fall or Spring Term

 Prerequisites:  RCC; minimum GPA 2.50; completion of at least 29 credit hours;  background investigation; and approval of site supervisor .

Externship placement is in the Cleveland office of the United States Attorney. Students are assigned either to the Civil Division during spring semester or to the Criminal Division during fall semester. Students will be introduced to the range of activities and types of cases, including appeals, handled by the division in which they are placed.

Students who extern in the Criminal Division must be available to participate in a weekly seminar led by an Assistant United States Attorney. The seminar will cover substantive practice and ethical issues. In the Criminal Division, the goal is that each student participates in at least one criminal case from arraignment through sentencing. Each extern will complete one major writing project.

 In the Civil Division, the goal is to have students work in an area of their interest; students will work on ongoing cases with a number of attorneys. Students who extern in the Civil Division must be able to work either full days or in blocks of time (four hours minimum). In both Divisions, students will be expected to attend court proceedings.

Students may register for 4 credits (16 hours per week) in the fall or spring terms. There is a separate intern program over the summer that students may apply for in late December. Students in this externship also participate in an Externship Seminar conducted at the law school by the externship faculty supervisor. Graded Pass/Fail.

Interested students must contact Office of Career Planning, LB 137 in the Student Services Center,216-687-6871, career@law.csuohio.edu.  An Externship application, signed by Career Planning and Student.  a cover letter, resume , writing sample (no longer than 10 pages), and unofficial transcript must be submitted for consideration through Symplicity. The supervising staff at the U.S. Attorney’s Office  will make the final selection of students.