Hire a C|M|LAW Grad!

Our class of 2020 graduates are actively engaged in the permanent job search and you can help! To connect with any of our talented class of 2020 graduates, please contact Assistant Dean for Student and Career Services, Sarah Beznoska, at s.beznoskanull@csuohio.nulledu .


Newly licensed attorney Daira Chalupa passed the October 2020 bar examination and is seeking a public defender role in a rural/semi-rural area of Ohio.


Halie graduated in May 2020 and recently passed the Ohio Bar Examination. She is primarily interested in transactional work. She focused her academic experience on gaining knowledge in tax matters, estate planning, secured transactions, and business enterprises. 


Robert Higgins is interested in opportunities in litigation, criminal law, estate planning, and corporate law/data privacy compliance. 


Meet Maggie Keenan, class of 2020 graduate and October 2020 Ohio bar taker. As a proud graduate of our part-time program, she's highly skilled at time management and will bring more than two decades of professional experience to her legal work.


Lacy Mencl is a newly licensed class of 2020 graduate. Her work experience and interests make her well-qualified for a successful career in sports law, and she is also equipped to add value to a practice focused on litigation or transactional matters.


Regina Russo has experience in civil litigation, a well-developed work ethic, and strong communication skills. Renee graduated in May 2020 and sat for the bar examination in October 2020. She is seeking a challenging position to start her legal career.


Meet Heather Thomas who has 20 years of experience as a nurse anesthetist, certifications in health law compliance and health law policy, and an interest in starting her legal career with a law firm. Heather passed the October 2020 bar examination. 


Matt Wagner served as President of the Student Bar Association during the 2019-2020 academic year, demonstrating exceptional leadership and advocacy on behalf of his fellow students through the year and especially after March 2020 as students quickly pivoted to remote learning. Matt graduated in May 2020 and passed the October 2020 bar examination.


Kelly Wojtila passed the October 2020 Ohio bar examination. Kelly will bring her client-focused approach, strong work ethic, and extensive legal experience to her work as a new attorney.


Victoria Zanoudakis is a class of 2020 graduate and October 2020 Ohio bar passer. Victoria is eager to use her strong interpersonal skills and ability to connect with people as well as her strong research and writing skills to secure a position in an in-house legal department, human resources department, or working in employment law.

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