On-Campus Interviewing

On-Campus Interviews


Some firms come on campus to recruit both law clerks or for permanent positions. Others prefer to have applications sent directly to them (resume direct) or to have the Office of Career Strategy and Emloyment collect them (resume collect). Although firms and organizations are welcome to come on-campus any time, there are three general on-campus programs that we promote.

The Fall Recruiting Program is designed to meet the needs and timing deadlines of larger firms and corporate counsel offices. The Spring Recruiting Program is held for mid-size and smaller firms who may not know their hiring needs two or three years in advance.

Fall Interview Program

There are several ways law firms recruit their associates. Large law firms recruit from schools across the country. They have established a system whereby they visit schools and interview at the schools from which they recruit in the fall. As a C-M student you will have a very good opportunity to interview with the large firms in Cleveland and get an offer from them, if you meet their qualifications and that is your desire. The largest firms in Cleveland all hire Cleveland-Marshall students each year. Most firms, however, do not use this process.

There are specific offer and acceptance deadlines determined by the National Association for Law Placement which firms and law schools (and therefore law students) adhere to each fall. View them here so that you are prepared to make your timely decisions.


Spring Interview Program

Mid- and smaller firms may come in the spring to interview students on campus. We encourage these firms to come on campus, but for them to do so is not cost effective. Partners prefer to solicit resumes, review them in their offices, and then invite students to come there for an interview. 

Those employers who do come on campus are impressed with our students, our library, and our friendliness. Still, do not pass up the opportunity to solicit positions from the firms who “stay home.”


Minority Clerkship and Externship Programs

The Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association has established programs to encourage minority attorneys to practice in Cleveland.

The Minority Clerkship Program is open to minority students who have completed one year of law school. Students may apply through the program to work in either a public interest position or as a law clerk in a firm. An application form, an interview, and a writing sample constitute the application to eh bar association. Students are chosen to work in one of the offices of the participating employers at the rate of pay that those employers would normally pay first year associates. This is a great opportunity for minority first year students to learn about legal practice in positions that are not often open to first year students. 

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