C|M|LAW Champion

Pay it Forward. Open Doors. Be a C|M|LAW Champion!

We all know the power of the C|M|LAW alumni community. You’ve certainly benefited from it at some point in your career – probably many times! Now it’s time to pay it forward by providing that same support to our newest graduates.

When you help a graduate, you help the entire Cleveland-Marshall community. You help launch a graduate into their first job after graduation. All those employed graduates help improve Cleveland-Marshall’s standing in the rankings. That improved ranking helps bring more outstanding students to Cleveland-Marshall. Those students, together with all our alumni, expand our reputation for excellence. Helping just one graduate influences everything at C|M|LAW! 

Be an alumni champion. Hire a graduate. Refer a graduate to one of your colleagues. 

No assistance is too small to offer; any momentum can make a difference to a job seeker. Project-based work, informal mentoring from you, advice, and simple encouragement all make a difference. 

Submit the information below to become a C|M|LAW Champion: