FAQs on Symplicity

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How do I Access Symplicity?

You need a computer with an internet connection. Symplicity will work with Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. However, Symplicity does NOT work properly with the Netscape browser currently available on the library computers.


How do I Log in to Symplicity?

Access Symplicity at http://law-csuohio-csm.symplicity.com/students/. Your Login ID is your law school email address (firstname.lastname@law.csuohio.edu). Your password was given to you when you were signed up for Symplicity. If you have lost your password, click the ‚ "Forgot Password‚" button and follow the instructions. NOTE: THE OCP CANNOT RESET YOUR PASSWORD OR GIVE YOU A NEW ONE. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON SYMPLICITY FOR OBTAINING YOUR NEW PASSWORD.


How do I Change my password?

After you've logged in, click the ‚"profile" tab (second from left) at the top of the page. Now click the ‚"Password/Preferences" tab (second from right). Enter your current password and then enter and reenter your new password. When you click save, you will be taken back to the start page.


How do I Enter my personal information? (Profiles must be entered in order to proceed with Symplicity).

Click the ‚"profile" tab (second from left) at the top of the page. You should find yourself in the ‚"Personal Information" section. Fill in your info, and hit ‚"Save Changes and Continue‚ at the end of the page.  Now you should be on the ‚"Academic Information" screen. Fill it out as it applies. Press ‚"Save Changes and Continue".


How do I Upload my resume or other documents?

Click the ‚"documents" tab (third from left) at the top of the page. Click ‚"Add New".  You can upload resumes, writing samples, cover letters, or other documents. (Note:  CSU does not allow electronic transfer of transcripts.)  Select the appropriate type of document, browse your computer to find it, give it a label (i.e., ‚"Baker & Hostetler Resume") and click ‚"submit".  Once your document is uploaded, it will show under the ‚"Pending Documents"  tab until approved by a Career Planning staff member. 

How do I change my resume?

You can not really change an uploaded resume. However, you can delete the one you have and upload another, after it has been approved by Career Planning. To upload a new resume you simply follow the same steps you used to upload the original resume.

How do I upload multiple resumes?

Just follow the normal procedure for uploading documents. There is no upper limit to how many documents you can upload.  Be sure you know the difference and be certain which one you are sending to an employer.

How do I switch which resume an employer sees?

If you are applying for a job, the employer will only see the resume you have attached to your application. You may make your primary resume the ‚"default" resume.  The default resume (whichever one you have thus named at the time) will be the one sent to the employer.  Be certain to use the correct one.

How do I look through the job postings?

Click the ‚"jobs" tab (fourth from left) at the top of the page. Select ‚"Exclusive C-M Jobs".  The jobs can be sorted by Title, Employer, Location, Posted, and Deadline. To do this, just click on the respective header. If you click ‚"Add favorite" on any posting it will also show up under the ‚"favorites" tab (second tab) for easy access. You can jump between the job postings pages by using the ‚"previous" and ‚"next" buttons at the top or bottom of the screen, as well as select a specific page to jump to in the drop-down box between the buttons. In order to view a posting simply click on its title. Clicking the employer name will give you info about the employer, including address, phone number, e-mail, etc.     

How do I use the advanced search for jobs?

Click the ‚"Advanced Search"  tab (third tab), make your selections and click submit. You have the option of saving your search criteria, which turns it into a search agent.  The results of your search will show up under the ‚"search results"  tab (the last tab).

How do I set up a search agent to look for jobs?

The agents are set up by saving searches with the parameters you want under the ‚"advanced Search" tab. When you click the "Search Agent"  tab all your saved search agents will be there to run at your leisure. You can also edit them or schedule them to run automatically and have any new postings e-mailed to you.  

How do I apply for a job?

Once you have found a posting for a job that you'd like to apply for, the posting will have instructions in its right margin as to how to apply. Not all jobs can be applied for electronically, some will want you to mail them a resume (along with any other documents) or deliver it to the OCP. Each individual posting will let you know the rules for applying for that position, along with what documents are required.  

How do I find information about a specific employer?

At the top of the screen, click the tab labeled ‚"Employers" You now see a list of all the employers entered into the system. You can filter this list by Employer Type and Practice Area, as well as by the first letter of the firm's name. Once you have found the firm you are interested in, click its name to get a screen with specific information about the firm.

How do I find job postings of a specific employer?

Follow the same steps as the question above, and click the ‚"Non-OCI Job Postings" tab. You now get a list of all the posted jobs from the employer entered into Symplicity.

How do I get more information or help with Symplicity?

In certain sections of Symplicity there is a little ‚"play" button with the text ‚"video tutorial" next to it. These tutorials are quite useful and instructive. If you have looked through this document and the tutorials but still have questions, the OCP staff will be more than happy to help you.