Student Bar Association

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The Student Bar Association (SBA) is the governing body responsible for representing the interests of the Student Body of Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, members of the faculty, administration, and Board of Trustees of Cleveland State University and Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, Cleveland’s legal community, and the community as a whole. The SBA is in charge of allocating funds to recognized student organizations. In addition, the SBA promotes and hosts programs, activities and opportunities for the Student Body.

Elected Representatives For Academic Year 2016-17

Executive Board


  • 1L
    • Vacant, Elections September 26-27, 2016
  • 2L
    • Noor Bahhur
    • Jonathon Kapus
    • Alexander Messina
    • Heather Holt
  • 3L
    • Brandon Brown
    • Emily Stolfer
    • Nicholas Welling
  • Senators-At-Large
    • Kelynn Carter
    • Taurean Shattuck
    • Gary Whitla
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