Candice Hoke


cybersecurity & privacy protection conference 2016

Candice Hoke has been involved in cybersecurity and cyber-risk management issues for over a decade.  Professor Hoke first developed expertise in voting technology security and founded and directed the federally funded Center for Election Integrity at CSU.  Working on election security led Professor Hoke to seek systematic advanced training at Carnegie Mellon University, where she earned a Master’s degree in information security.  She was a Cyber Security Engineer with the Cyber Risk and Resilience Team at CERT before returning to Cleveland-Marshall. 

Professor Hoke’s primary focus is cyber risk management, including assessment tools and resilience planning, but she also is certified by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (CIPP/US) as a privacy specialist.  She has co-authored research on the usability of privacy policies and on alternative regulatory approaches for achieving data protection and privacy goals.  She has recently presented on these issues at national conferences. 

Professor Hoke’s interests extend to the underlying causes of cyber insecurity, including software quality and assurance issues, enterprise network architectures, and Internet engineering.  She has advised the Department of Homeland Security on using administrative and regulatory approaches to increase software security and improve supply chain assurance.  Federal legislation and administrative policies have incorporated her recommendations, and these changes are expected to establish demonstrable improvements in software security and assurance.

Professor Hoke has testified before Congress, Federal agencies, and the Ohio General Assembly, and provided background counsel to many public officials on proposed legislative and regulatory initiatives.  She continues to be interested in developing sound enterprise and governmental approaches for incentivizing cyber resilience and privacy protection.

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