Emeriti/ae Faculty

David Barnhizer

Professor Emeritus
A.B., Muskingum College
J.D., Ohio State University
LL.M., Harvard University

Curriculum Vitae

Professor Barnhizer was Articles Editor of the Ohio State Law Journal and then served as a Reginald Heber Smith Community Lawyer Fellow in Colorado Springs Legal Services Office, a Ford Urban Law Fellow, and a Clinical Teaching Fellow at the Harvard Law School. He is active in the areas of environmental law and policy and is Senior Advisor to the International Program of the Natural Resources Defense Council, a Senior Fellow for Earth Summit Watch, and General Counsel for the Shrimp Tribunal. He has served as Executive Director of The Year 2000 Committee and consulted extensively with environmental organizations, including the World Resources Institute, the International Institute for Environment and Development, World Wildlife Fund, and the Center for Global Change. He is the author of THE WARRIOR LAWYER, a book on legal strategy, and has also published STRATEGIES FOR SUSTAINABLE SOCIETIES and ENVIRONMENT CLEVELAND.

Teaching Areas: Environmental Law, Toxic Torts, Legal Strategy, Jurisprudence, Trial Advocacy, Legal Profession, Business Planning

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Phone: (216) 687-2315

Gordon Beggs

Clinical Professor Emeritus
B.A., J.D. University of Pennsylvania

Gordon J. Beggs has taught for 20 years at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. He served as founding President of Christian Legal Services of Cleveland, a church based legal aid program for the poor, and President of Community ReEntry, a ministry to persons involved with the criminal justice system. Prior to his teaching, he worked for 20 years with the ACLU, beginning as a Law Students Civil Rights Research Council Intern and finishing as Legal Director of the ACLU of Ohio. He has written on civil rights litigation and faith and the law and penned an autobiography, FROM NIXON UNTO NIXON - THE TALE OF A PUBLIC INTEREST LAWYER.

Teaching Areas: Employment Law Clinic, Poverty & Law, Disability Discrimination, Employment Discrimination

Thomas D. Buckley

Professor Emeritus
A.B., Fordham University
LL.B., Yale Law School

Teaching Areas: Commercial Law, Constitutional Law, Creditors & Debtors Rights


Hyman Cohen

Professor Emeritus
B.A., City College of New York
J.D. & LL.M., New York University School of Law

Teaching Areas: Administrative Law, Arbitration Practice, Labor Law, Torts

Dena S. Davis

Professor Emerita
J.D., University of Virginia School of Law
Ph.D. (Religion), University of Iowa
B.A., Marlboro College

Until 2011 Dena Davis was a Professor at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law (Cleveland State University). She now holds the Endowed Presidential Chair in Health - Humanities & Social Sciences at Lehigh University. Dr. Davis has been a Visiting Scholar at the National Human Genome Research Institute, Arizona State University, the Brocher Foundation, and the Hastings Center. Her most recent book is Genetic Dilemmas: Reproductive Technology, Parental Choices, and Children’s Futures (Oxford University Press). She has been a Fulbright scholar in India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, and Sweden. Davis has been a member of the Committee on Bioethics of the American Academy of Pediatrics and currently serves on the NIH Human Embryonic Stem Cell Eligibility Working Group. She has served on the Board of the American Academy of Religion and the American Society of Bioethics and Humanities, and is currently a Trustee of Marlboro College.

Michael "Mickey" Davis

Professor Emeritus
LL.M., Harvard Law School.
J.D., Hofstra Law School
B.A., Occidental College

Professor Michael "Mickey" Davis joined the CSU Cleveland-Marshall faculty in 1982. Prior to coming to CSU C|M|LAW, he taught at the University of Tennessee and had been in private practice in New York City. He has published internationally in the areas of comparative law, jurisprudence, and intellectual property. He is a contributing editor of a French law journal, Revue Francaise de Droit Administratif and is the American reporter to the Annuaire International de Justice Constitutionnelle. His media appearances include The New York Times. He is co-author of the book, Intellectual Property, Patents, Trademarks, and Copyright in a Nutshell, published by West Publishing Company. In addition to his writing, he is an admitted patent bar attorney. Thanks to Professor Davis's expertise and teaching, Cleveland-Marshall matriculated many graduates though the years who have the skills they require to pursue their dream careers in the area of intellectual property law, including copyright, patents, and trademark law. 

Louis Geneva
Associate Professor Emeritus
B.A., Miami University
J.D., Suffolk University
LL.M., New York University

Professor Geneva was an instructor in the New York University Law School Graduate Tax Program and in private practice before joining the Cleveland-Marshall faculty. He was instrumental in having Cleveland-Marshall named an affiliate of the ALI-ABA "American Law Network," offering high quality continuing education programs via satellite communications. He also conceived and directed the Internal Revenue Service Conference on Federal Wealth Transfer Taxation. Professor Geneva has been and continues as an active member of the Cleveland Bar Association Estate Planning Institute Executive Committee.

Teaching Areas: Wealth Transfer Tax, Estate Planning Tax, Federal Income Tax, Business Entity Tax.

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Brian A. Glassman
Legal Writing Professor Emeritus
B.A., Connecticut College
J.D., Boston University School of Law

Curriculum Vitae

Professor Glassman taught full time in the Legal Writing Department from 1993 until retiring in 2020. In the five years prior to joining the faculty, he operated a business providing legal research and writing services to other attorneys. From 1981-87, Prof. Glassman worked as a neighborhood staff attorney in the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland's Civil Division. He served as a summer clerk with the office of the Arizona Attorney General, and as a research assistant with the National Consumer Law Center. Prof. Glassman has presented at national legal writing conferences, and has authored materials appearing in The Journal of Legal Education, Clearinghouse Review, and Ohio Jurisprudence 3d. Professor Glassman’s notable passion and knowledge of the arts is evident throughout the interior of the law school, where many works of art on display were obtained though his service as Law School's Art Liaison and as a member of its Art Committee. He has also taught and presented on numerous topics regarding legal aspects of the arts. In the Fall of 2020 he organized and led a national conference at the law school on election integrity and 2020 Census. His teaching areas have included Legal Writing, Research and Advocacy; Transactional Drafting; Law and the Arts; Copyright, Patent and Trademark.

S. Candice Hoke


Professor Emerita
B.A., Hollins College
J.D., Yale Law School

Curriculum Vitae

Professor Hoke is a widely recognized national authority on laws governing election technologies (including voting devices and voter registration databases), election management, and on federal regulatory programs reflecting federalism values. She is a graduate of Yale Law School, where she was Senior Editor of the Yale Law Journal and co-chair of the Yale Law Women's Association. Her most recent publications focus on election technology regulatory issues, some of which were co-authored with computer security scientists. Her prior publications focus on health care regulation, welfare/public entitlement programs, and constitutional standards for statutory preemption.

Professor Hoke presented her research in academic, technology, and election policy forums throughout the country. She has testified before Congress on federalism aspects of health care reform legislation and on election policies needed to achieve greater public accountability. She founded and directed the Center for Election Integrity, which conducted nationally unprecedented field research on deployed voting technologies and election administration management problems.

Her assessments of election technology initiatives and election practices around the nation are frequently sought by the press, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio, and all major television networks. Her research and policy leadership has led to major national foundation funding and to foundation consulting work on election policy issues.

Professor Hoke served three terms on the American Bar Association's Advisory Commission on Election Law and has consulted with all levels of government on election policies and technology issues. She serves on the Advisory Boards for the Verified Voting Foundation and other nonpartisan election improvement nonprofits located in Florida and Michigan.

Teaching Areas: Regulatory Law and Policy, Employment Law, Election Law, Constitutional Federalism, Federal Jurisdiction, Work-Family Issues, Civil Procedure, Business Law: Agency & Partnership

Deborah J. Klein

Legal Writing Professor Emerita
B.A., Kent State University
J.D., Cleveland-Marshall College of Law

Teaching Area: Legal Writing

Kermit J. Lind

Clinical Professor Emeritus
B.A. Goshen College
M.A., University of Chicago
J.D. Cleveland State University

Professor Lind taught history at Cleveland State, led nonprofit advocacy organizations for 13 years and practiced law in Cleveland for eight years before joining the clinical faculty at C-M Law. During his 16 years as a clinician, he supervised the Urban Development Law Clinic that provided legal services to nonprofit community development corporations in Cleveland’s neighborhoods. In 2005 he received the Michael R. White award for public service from the Cleveland Community Development Coalition. He pioneered in the use of Ohio’s residential public nuisance abatement statute by nonprofit developers who brought civil actions in the Cleveland Municipal Housing Court to abate blighted housing conditions. He was co-counsel in cases brought against big banks, Wells Fargo and Deutsche Bank, to require their compliance as homeowners with local housing maintenance codes using nuisance laws requiring homeowners to be responsible for the harm caused by their property. Professor Lind authored several law review articles prior to retirement and now writes, consults and lectures on community development law and public policy.

Jane M. Picker

Professor Emerita
A.B., Swarthmore College
LL.B., Yale Law School

Teaching Areas: Class Actions, Comparative Law, Fair Employment Practice Law, International Law

Alan Miles Ruben

Professor Emertus
A.B., M.A., J.D., University of Pennsylvania

Professor Alan Miles Ruben joined the faculty in 1970 to teach courses on Business Organizations and Labor Arbitration after serving as Deputy Solicitor of Philadelphia, Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania, Associate Counsel for Aetna Life and Casualty and Corporate Counsel for Lubrizol Corporation. In 1993 he was appointed Advisory Professor of Law at FuDan University, Shanghai, China. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and both a Guggenheim and a Fulbright Scholar. He was elected a Fellow of the College of Labor and Employment Lawyers, and a member of the National Academy of Arbitrators. He serves on the National Labor Arbitration Panels of the American Arbitration Association, and the federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. He was an Editor of the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, and is the Editor-in-Chief of the standard treatise “How Arbitration Works”. He has served as Special Counsel to the United States Senate Armed Forces Sub-Committee of the Investigation of the Status of the National Stockpile of strategic and Critical Materials and as Consultant to the United States Senate Judiciary Sub-Committee on the Reform of federal Criminal Laws (Organizational Crime) and to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ Advisory Committees on Regulation of Insurance Holding Companies and Unauthorized Insurance. He participated in the 1972 Munich games as Captain of the United States Olympic Fencing Team.

Lloyd B. Snyder

Professor Emeritus
J.D., University of Pennsylvania Law School
B.S., University of Pennsylvania

Following graduation from the University of Pennsylvania Law School Lloyd Snyder practiced law at the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland. He represented clients in litigation in state and federal courts at the trial, appellate, and Supreme Court levels. In 1983 he joined the faculty at Cleveland-Marshall where he has taught courses primarily in the fields of legal ethics and evidence. Professor Snyder’s main area of research and scholarship at the law school is in the field of legal ethics. He has written and lectured extensively on that topic, and he co-authored the seminal book on that subject for Ohio lawyers, The Law Of Professional Responsibility In Ohio. In 2007 he co-authored The Law Of Professional Conduct In Ohio. In addition to his duties at the law school, Professor Snyder serves as a member of the Ethics and Professionalism Committee of the Cleveland Bar Association. He served as chair of the Committee in 2008-09. Professor Snyder is an active member of the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio where he has served in several capacities including General Counsel and member of the Board of Trustees.

Steven H Steinglass

Dean Emeritus and Professor Emeritus
B.S., University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Finance and Commerce
LL.B., Columbia University School of Law

Curriculum Vitae

Steven H. Steinglass is a graduate of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (1964) and the Columbia University School of Law (1967). Following law school, Professor Steinglass practiced law in Wisconsin, initially as Staff Attorney under the Reginald Heber Smith Fellowship Program and ultimately as Director of Legal Action of Wisconsin, Inc., the state's largest legal services program. He also served as a Lecturer in Law at the University of Wisconsin Law School. He joined the faculty of Cleveland State University's Cleveland-Marshall College of Law in 1980. His teaching areas include Civil Procedure, Federal Jurisdiction, Section 1983 Litigation, State Constitutional Law, and Ohio Constitutional History.

Professor Steinglass is a nationally known expert on Section 1983 Civil Rights Litigation and a frequent lecturer at continuing legal and judicial education programs throughout the country. He is the author of a leading treatise on civil rights (SECTION 1983 LITIGATION IN STATE COURTS) (updated annually) and numerous law review articles and book chapters. He is also the author of THE OHIO CONSTITUTION: A REFERENCE GUIDE (with Gino J. Scarselli), which was published in 2004 by Greenwood Publishing (and now published by Oxford University Press as part of its state constitutional law series). Professor Steinglass has argued two cases before the United States Supreme Court, Board of Regents v. Roth (1972) and Felder v. Casey (1988).

From 1994 to 1996 Professor Steinglass served as Associate Dean of the College of law. In 1996 he was appointed Interim Dean; in 1997 he was appointed the twelfth Dean of the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law of Cleveland State University, and he served in that capacity until June 2005, On July 1, 2005, Prof Steinglass returned to the faculty and was appointed Dean Emeritus by the Cleveland State University Board of Trustees.

In the fall 2011 semester, Professor Steinglass was a Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law at Widener University School of Law (Delaware); in the spring 2012 semester, he was a visiting professor at Case Western Reserve University School of Law; and in the 2012-13 academic year he was Distinguished Visiting Professor at St. Louis University School of Law. 

From March 2013 to June 2017, Professor Steinglass served as Senior Policy Advisor for the Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission.

William Tabac

Professor Emeritus
B.A., Case Western Reserve University
J.D., George Washington University

Professor Tabac was an editor of the George Washington Law Review and served as a legislative aid in the U.S. Senate and as an assistant to the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service before clerking for the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. He teaches in the area of commercial and consumer law and has published in these areas. He has recently written on legal malpractice and about the Teamsters Labor Union.

Teaching Areas: Contracts, Commercial Law, Consumer Remedies, Secured Transactions

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Barbara Tyler
Legal Writing Professor Emeritus

R.N., MetroHealth Nursing School
B.A., Baldwin Wallace University.
J.D., Cleveland-Marshall College of Law

Professor Tyler began teaching in the Cleveland-Marshall Legal Writing and Research program in 1991. For two decades prior to, and during law school, she worked nights as an Emergency Room nurse at MetroHealth. She attended law school with one of her six children, her son, the Honorable Thomas Tyler, who serves as an Adminstrative Law Judge for Medicare appeals. Professor Tyler began her legal career as a law clerk for the Honorable Blanche E. Krupansky, Chief Justice of the 8th District Court of Appeals. She also served as a consultant to practitioners on medical malpractice claims and risk management.

In 2001, Professor Tyler became the Director of the Legal Writing Department and collegially supervised a group comprised of seven full time Legal Writing faculty and several adjuncts. In that same year, Professor Tyler's greatest honor was to be chosen to serve as Advisor to the Journal of Law and Health. The Journal members, upon her retirement, honored her by creating the Barbara J. Tyler Scholarship, an award given each year to the Journal member writing the best health related note.

During Professor Tyler's tenure, the Legal Writing department added a third semester writing requirement and many new course selections, including Advanced Legal Writing, Scholarly Writing, Transactional Drafting, as well as subject-specific drafting selections. Professor Tyler has published widely in law reviews in the areas of Law and Medicine, Psychology of Learning, Art Law, Tort Law and Insurance Law, as well as in a textbook on HIPAA and privacy in Cybermedicine, Telemedicine and Data Protection, IGI (2008). She also presented nationally on many of these and other subjects, such as teaching and learning theory and bar exam techniques. 

Wilson G. Stapleton Award for Faculty Excellence May, 2006.
BLSA Award for Service to Law Students 2000-2006.
 Delta Theta Phi International; Most Outstanding Law Professor in Nation, 2006.
Villa-Angela-St. Joseph High School Hall of Fame, 2016

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Phone: (216) 687-5166

Alan C. Weinstein
Professor Emeritus

B.A., International Relations, University of Pennsylvania, 1967
J.D., University of California, Berkeley, 1977
M.C.P., Planning & Policy Analysis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1979

Curriculum Vitae

Professor Weinstein held a joint faculty appointment in the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs. He is a nationally recognized expert on planning law who writes and lectures extensively in this field. Professor Weinstein is a past-Chair of the Planning & Law Division of the American Planning Association (APA), is one of the twenty-eight planning law experts who serve as Reporters for APA's monthly journal, Planning & Environmental Law, and previously served as Chair of the Sub-Committee on Land Use & the First Amendment in the American Bar Association's Section of State & Local Government Law.

Stephen Werber
Professor Emeritus

B.A. Adelphi University
J.D. Cornell University
Ll.M. New York University
M. A. Judaic Studies. Siegal College of Judaic Studies

Professor Werber was engaged in government and private practice for six years before joining the Cleveland-Marshall faculty. His research interests are in the areas of products liability with current emphasis on the constitutional issues surrounding legislative reform as well as a growing interest in comparison of Jewish and American law. He has written and lectured widely in the field of products liability. Professor Werber is a member of many bar and community organizations including the American Law Institute where he served as a member of the Consultation Committee for the Restatement (Third) of Torts, Products Liability and he is a past President of the William Thomas Chapter of American Inns of Court. His most rewarding experience at Cleveland-Marshall was his twenty-year role (1981-2001), as faculty advisor to the Moot Court Board of Governors. Professor Werber's current teaching areas include Contracts, Products Liability, Constitutional law as related to tort reform and Judaic law.

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Phone: (216) 687-2337

Frederic White
Professor Emeritus

J.D., Columbia University Law School
B.A., Columbia College

Frederic White served on the Cleveland-Marshall faculty for 26 years. His teaching and research areas include Property, Wills and Trusts, Real Estate Law, Land Use Control, Local Government Law, Administrative Law. He has also written a book entitled Ohio Landlord Tenant Law which is published annually and has been used for over 25 years by lawyers, judges and laypersons throughout the state of Ohio. Before coming to Cleveland-Marshall he was an associate attorney in the Cleveland office of Squire, Sanders and Dempsey, specializing in municipal finance. Since 2008, he has served as Dean and Professor at the Texas Wesleyan School of Law, located in Fort Worth, Texas since July 2008. Prior to coming to Texas Wesleyan Law, Dean White served for over four years as Dean and Professor at Golden Gate University School of Law, San Francisco, California.



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