Migrating Address Book from Thunderbird on Office Computer

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Step 1: Export Address Book to a File

Open your address book in Thunderbird.


Export both your Personal Address Book and Collected Address Book to a Comma Separated file. Give the files an easy name to remember, like “cab” (Collected Address Book) and “pab“ (Personal Address Book)


Make sure you choose Comma Separated file, or the next steps will not work.

Step 2: Send File to IT

Once you have completed exporting your Personal Address Book and Collected Address Book, Email the file(s) to newticket@law.csuohio.edu and we will convert the file to a different format and send it back to you.

Step 3: Import File to Engage365

After you get the file back from us, save it to your desktop. Log into your Office365 mail account and click on Options.


On the Options screen, click on “Import your contacts from an existing e-mail account”.


A new window will open to begin the import process.


Browse to the files you exported from Thunderbird. Navigate to the directory you saved these files in.

Choose the .csv file and click Open.


Once you have selected your file, choose Next to proceed with the import.


You will see a progress indicator telling you the status of the import process.


Congratulations! Your contacts have been imported. Repeat these steps to import any additional address books you have.