Migrating to Engage365 for C|M|LAW Faculty/Staff

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New Email System

The new email system is a Microsoft product called Office365. It is a cloud based product, meaning all of the servers are hosted by Microsoft, not CSU. Cleveland State has rebranded this service to Engage365. If you hear terms such as Office365, Engage365, "The new Microsoft email system", etc. - they are all referring to the same thing. Several other Ohio universities including Kent State and Youngstown State have already migrated to Office365 or are in the process.

Tentative Timeline

You will receive communications from C|M|LAW Information Technology with your specific migration date and other pertinent information prior to the scheduled migration.

Phase 1 – Law Library, Pilot Group
Migration Period – June 24th – July 3rd

Phase 2 – Law School Staff
Migration Period – July 8th – July 31st

Phase 2a – Law School Faculty (including Adjuncts and Emeritus)
Migration Period – July 18th – September 27th

Anyone who has not migated by September 27th will be automatically cut over on the week of September 30th.

What Will Change?

Email Address

Everyone at the Law School has at least two email addresses: your firstname.lastnamenull@law.csuohio.nulledu address issued by the Law School, and your f.m.lastname23null@csuohio.nulledu address issued by the university. Most people have their @csuohio.edu University email forwarded to their @law.csuohio.edu Law School mailbox. The @law.csuohio.edu email address that you currently use will be discontinued after the migration. Your existing @csuohio.edu address will be used from that point forward. If you don't know what your current @csuohio.edu address is, you can look it up at http://phone.csuohio.edu, or by logging into CampusNet at https://campusnet.csuohio.edu. Mail sent to your old @law.csuohio.edu address after the migration will continue to forward to your @csuohio.edu account for a significant amount of time after the migration.

How Your New Mailbox will be Accessed and Used

The user experience with Engage365 will significantly differ from the current system. Thunderbird will be replaced by a web based mail client accessible from a web browser. Mobile devices will need to be reconfigured. There will be full featured calendaring and tasks that will integrate with your mobile devices. Other features such as instant messaging and online document viewing will be added sometime after the initial migration. C|M|LAW IT staff will be assisting users with these changes during and after the migration period.

Attachment Size Limits, Mailbox Quotas, Spam Filter

The mail attachment size limit will increase to 25 Megabytes and the Mailbox quota will be 25 Gigabytes. The spam filter will be managed by Microsoft instead of SonicWall once the migration is complete.

What Will Not Change?

Generic/Alias, Listserv Accounts

In most cases, accounts that do not belong to a specific person, such as Generic/Alias and Listserv accounts will not be changing and will retain the @law.csuohio.edu suffix. This includes accounts such as careernull@law.csuohio.nulledu, information.technologynull@law.csuohio.nulledu, allnull@law.csuohio.nulledu, class lists, etc. A small number of these accounts will require configuration modifications. We will be contacting the users responsible for those accounts in the near future to make these changes.

Scheduling and How To Prepare


Now is a good time to clean up your mailbox. Engage365 has a mailbox size quota of 25 Gigabytes. Anyone who is currently approaching or over this limit will be notified prior to the migration.


We will be coordinating migration scheduling with department heads in the coming weeks. You will be notified of your migration date and any information specific to you ahead of time. C|M|LAW IT staff will be on hand to assist with the migration process.


Full time faculty will be scheduled on an individual basis with a C|M|LAW IT staff person. Anyone who has not scheduled and moved by the cutoff date, September 27th, will be automatically migrated.

Adjunct and non-teaching Emeritus faculty will be moved as a group. Prior notice will be given with instructions on how to access email, configure mobile devices and import contacts if need be. C|M|LAW IT staff will be here to provide assistance if needed.


There will be training materials/tutorials and setup guides online. C|M|LAW will also host scheduled sessions to provide hands on training in the Law Library computer lab.

As always, please feel free to direct any questions to information.technologynull@law.csuohio.nulledu

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