Migrating to Engage365 for C|M|LAW Students

There will be some changes coming to your @csuohio.edu and @law.csuohio.edu email accounts. You may have heard that the university will be switching all student email to a new Microsoft hosted service called Engage365. This new email service will replace and combine your current @csuohio.edu and @law.csuohio.edu email accounts. Your email address will also change. The details of how the migration will take place are currently being worked out. Please check back frequently for updated information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will my new email address be?

A: Your new email address will be similar to your current @csuohio.edu address (not your @law.csuohio.edu address), except the ending will be @cmlaw.csuohio.edu. For example, if your current CSU address is j.l.smith21null@csuohio.nulledu, your new email address will be j.l.smith21null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu.


Q: When will the new email accounts be created?

A: New accounts will be created on or around December 20th. All mail from your @csuohio.edu account and your @law.csuohio.edu will be redirected to your new account at this point.


Q: How do I access my new email account?

A: Information will be posted on our website and sent via email when it is available.


Q: What will happen to my C|M|LAW email messages? Will I lose access to my C|M|LAW email account?

A: Messages from your @law.csuohio.edu account will be migrated to your new @cmlaw.csuohio.edu account sometime after January 1st. We are hoping this process will be automated, however it may require you to take some action. You will be notified in advance of this procedure and when your move is scheduled to take place.  

Your C|M|LAW account and contents will remain accessible both before and after this migration for a period of time, and you will still be able to send messages from it to notify contacts of your new address. Remember that any new messages sent to your C|M|LAW mailbox will automatically be redirected to your new @cmlaw.csuohio.edu account once it is created.


Q: I keep seeing signs on campus that say my new email address will be myaddressnull@vikes.csuohio.nulledu, does this affect me?

A: No. Law students will have an @cmlaw.csuohio.edu email address. The rest of the students on campus will have an @vikes.csuohio.edu address.


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