Migrating to Engage365 for C|M|LAW Students

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The way C|M|LAW students send and receive email changes on December 20, 2012

also see Frequently Asked Questions for more information

Before December 20, 2012:

Currently, most students have their @csuohio.edu mail forwarded to either their @law.csuohio.edu account, or a 3rd party email account such as Gmail or Yahoo.



New mail received in either your @csuohio.edu or @law.csuohio.edu account on or after December 20th will be redirected to your @cmlaw.csuohio.edu account and will only be available there.

To retrieve messages sent prior to December 20th, you will have to log directly into your @law.csuohio.edu account.

Messages from your @law.csuohio.edu account will be migrated to your new @cmlaw.csuohio.edu account sometime after January 1st. We are hoping this process will be automated, however it may require you to take some action. You will be notified in advance of this procedure and when your move is scheduled to take place.

After the Migration:

Your @csuohio.edu mailbox will remain accessible through the end of the 2013 Spring Semester.  Your @law.csuohio.edu mailbox will be accessible through June 30th 2013.  Mail will continue to be redirected from your @csuohio.edu accounts to your @cmlaw.csuohio.edu account for one year past your last active semester.  Students enrolled in classes as of December 20th 2012 will continue to have mail redirected from your @law.csuohio.edu to your @cmlaw.csuohio.edu account through December 20th 2013.   

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