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Whether you pass the bar exam will depend on your commitment, effort, and attitude, much more than your aptitude and raw talent. You are preparing for the bar exam from the moment you walk into law school. Work hard, study smart, and believe in yourself, and the bar will be just another test among the many tests you have faced in your life time.


The July 2022 OHIO BAR EXAMINATION will be administerd on July 26 and 27, 2022 at Roberts Centre, 123 Gano Road, Wilmington, Ohio 45177 Monitor the Ohio Office of Bar Admissions for updates here 

The Ohio Substance Abuse Instruction Requirment for Bar Takers

  • The Ohio State Bar Assocation (OSBA) has a 1 hour, online substance abuse instruction course that meets the requirment which will be provided for free to law students. Students will have to be members of the OSBA witich is also free. Please review your email for further information on taking the OSBA course without charge. This course is also available as a CLE course for other bar takers.


  • PDF - 8/23/21 - Reorientation - Bar Exam Planning

  • PDF - Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) information from the Ohio Office of Bar Admissions - Spring 2020 

  • Video - 2/4/20 - Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association members discuss the Character and Fitness Interview

  • Video - 9/17/19 - Assistant Director of the Ohio Bar Admissions Office discusses the Character and Fitness Application

Contact Information - Bar Exam Help

For help with the bar exam, contact Jenna Hosier, Director of Bar Exam Preparation, LB 147, j.hosiernull@csuohio.nulledu, 216-687-2297.

Cleveland-Marshall Review Courses/Workshops

Ohio Bar Examination Strategies and Tactics: Law 701

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law students are encouraged to take the three credit hour Ohio Bar Examination Strategies and Tactics (OBEST) course. Applicants who have taken the OBEST course have consistently out performed their peers who did not take the course. The course uses Bar examination subjects as backdrops to discuss study tactics and strategies for answering essay questions, MBE and MPT problems. Students receive one-on-one feedback on their essay writing, MPT responses and bar exam study plans. The course is offered on a pass/fail basis. Preference for the Fall course will be given to those taking the February Bar Exam. Preference for the Spring course will be given to those taking the July Bar Exam.

Multistate Performance Test Workshops

Because the Multistate Performance Test (MPT) is so specialized, and because it is unlike most exams you've ever taken, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law offers a weekly MPT workshop in June (for the July exam). Participants receive individual feedback and advice on their practice MPTs, as well as discuss general strategies for attacking this particularly challenging part of the bar exam. The exact MPT workshop times and dates are annouced prior to the beginning of the OBEST course.

In some ways, the most challenging component of the Ohio Bar Examination is the Multistate Performance Test (MPT). Two hours a week could make the difference. Don't downplay the MPT because it is "only 20% of the possible points on the bar." These are too many points to leave to chance.

While it is recommended to take the MPT workshop under test-like conditions in a classroom, it is recognized that some of you will be out of town or unable to come to it. If you can't come, send an email to m.mcgintynull@csuohio.nulledu. We will email the MPT of the week to you in advance, and you will email your response to CML MPT Homework to law.mpt.homeworknull@csuohio.nulledu before 9am the next day. Your MPT response will be graded and returned to you before the next scheduled MPT Workshop.

Faculty Bar Presentation Series

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law faculty recognize that teaching students in the classroom to think like lawyers and preparing applicants to take the bar exam often involve different goals. For that reason, about three weeks before the bar exam, faculty members volunteer to make one hour presentations on testable issues in bar subjects, and answer any questions the applicants may have. The series schedule will be emailed to bar applicants.




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