Bar Preparation Timeline


  • Learn your 1st year class subjects well. Each will be double tested on the bar exam.
  • When registering for 2nd year fall classes, register to take some on subjects tested on the bar exam (e.g., Constitutional Law, Corporations, Commercial Law, Secured Transactions, Estates & Trusts, Agency & Partnership, Criminal Procedure, Evidence).


  • Complete and send in your Application to Register as a Candidate for the Bar and Character & Fitness questionnaire before the November 15th deadline with $325 fee ($75 to the Ohio Supreme Court and $250 to NCBE).
  • Take Legal Profession (Law 643).
  • Take the Multiple Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) - Register with NCBE; $125 (late fee $220); offered in March, August and November.
  • Take classes on subjects tested on the bar (Constitutional Law, Corporations, Commercial Law, Secured Transactions, Wills & Trust, Agency & Partnership, Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Criminal Law).


  • Complete and submit your Application to Take the Bar Exam and supplemental Character questionnaire by November 1 to take the February 2019 exam, or by April 1 to take the July 2019 exam, with $358 fee (late fee $458).
  • Take the Ohio Bar Exam Strategies and Tactics course (Law 701) the semester before you take the bar exam.
  • Take Legal Profession (Law 643) and the MPRE if you didn’t take it in second year.
  • Finish taking those bar tested subjects you didn’t take in your 1st and 2nd years of law school.
  • Reserve a hotel room for the bar well in advance. Hotels are usually booked up for the July bar by April.
  • At least 30 days before the bar, you must have taken a substance abuse seminar. It is offered by C|M|Law for free near the middle of the fall and spring semesters, or you might find an acceptable seminar online.
  • You must have completed your Character & Fitness interview within three weeks before the bar exam. Call the Bar Admissions Office (614-387-9340) if you have not had your interview.
  • BAR EXAMINATION: The week of the last Wednesday in February, and the last Wednesday of July.
  • REMEMBER: Within 30 days of being sworn in and admitted to the practice of law, one must file a Certificate of Registration and pay the $350 registration fee.



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 BC 9/16; LER 10/19


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