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Ohio Revised Code   See Chapter 3781, Building Standards - General Provisions; Chapter 3783 Building Standards - Electrical Safety Standards; Chapter 3791 - Building Standards - Offenses and Penalties

Ohio Building Code,  (Ohio Basic Building Code) online. In print: Ohio Building Code and Related Codes , West Group, 1979 -  KFO459.A1 A3

Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 4101:1 is the Building Code, but it does not contain everything in the Ohio Building Code, cited above.  See OAC 4101:2 for Ohio Mechanical Code; OAC 4101:3 for Ohio Plumbing Code, OAC 4101: 4 for  Boiler Code, and 4101:5 for Elevator Code.

Ohio E-codes - Ohio Building Code, Ohio Energy Conservation Code, Ohio Fuel Gas Code, Ohio Mechanical Code, Ohio Plumbing Code, Residential Code of Ohio.

Ohio Residential Code for One, Two and Three Family Dwellings, International Code Council, 2000 -  KFO459.A1 O342 


Cleveland Building Code  : See Part Three, Title XIII of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Cleveland.  For the Fire Code, See Part Three, Title XI .  Updates to the Building Code are published in the Cleveland City Record

National and International

Reed Construction Data Building Code Library  provides detailed information on building codes for all 50 states, major cities, and some counties.

Codes.gov - PDF copies of building codes, as well as electrical, plumbing, elevator, mechanical and fire codes from various states.

Information about the International  Code Council Codes and Standards   appears at the ICC website.

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