Federal Legislative History Checklist

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Federal Statutes & Codes

Types of Federal Legislative History Documents

Federal Legislative History Databases & Sources

Example:  Newer Federal Act

Example - Older Federal Act

Ohio & Other States' Legislative History

Documents You Need

  Introductory statements

originally introduced in House or Senate


amendments in committee or on floor


passed in originating body/introduced in other house


amended by second house in committee or on floor


passed by second house


amended by conference committee


public law

  Committee Prints
  Committee Hearings

committees (or subcommittees) to which bill was assigned in either house


previous sessions' hearings on same subject matter


previous sessions' hearings on related bills or provisions

  Committee Reports

reports of committees of both houses to which bill was assigned


reports of subcommittees of both houses to which bill was assigned

  Congressional Debates - both houses
  Conference Committee Report
  Presidential Documents

accompanying proposed legislation


signing statements or veto message



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