Ohio and Other States' Legislative History

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Federal Statutes & Codes

Types of Federal Legislative History Documents

Federal Legislative History Databases & Sources

Example:  Newer Federal Act

Example - Older Federal Act

Federal Legislative HIstory Checklist



Ohio Legislative History

See the library’s Ohio Legal Research Guide – Legislative History


Legislative Process



Bill introduced



Legislative Service Commission (LSC) Analysis

Committee holds hearing

Committee Prints (research reports)

LSC Staff Research Reports

Committee recommends legislation

House/Senate Report

LSC Analysis

Debates and Votes

Congressional Record - debates

House/Senate Journal - votes

The Ohio Channel - debates

House/Senate Journals - votes

Amended bill sent to conference committee

Conference Report

Synopsis of Committee Amendments

Conference Committee Synopsis

Bill becomes law

Slip Law

United States Statutes at Large

US Code

Laws of Ohio (session laws)

Ohio Revised Code

Veto Message

Congressional Record

Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents

Governor’s Messages

If the Act was passed 1989 or later, a great place to start is Hannah Capitol Connection .  For Acts 1997 and later, the Ohio General Assembly's webpage has many accessible documents.

See resources for Tracking Ohio Bills.


Legislative History for Other States

State Legislative History Research Guides on the Web  (Indiana University Maurer School of Law Library)

State Legislature Websites  (Library of Congress. Thomas)

Open: States.org - For 36 states (more to be added), provides a searchable database of bills for the last two legislative sessions forward.

For State Session Laws/Copies of Old Statutes:

  • HeinOnline Sessions Law Library -  Dates of Coverage vary by state.  Ohio is 1803-2004, but for some states, coverage starts in the 1990s.
  • State Session Laws -  Law Library, Base level, Microforms (drawers OO1- ).  Usually goes back further than the electronic.  For catalog records, do a title search for "state session laws" and possibly add the name of the state(s).
  • LLMC Digital -  Session laws for some states; coverage varies.
  • Bloomberg Law - State Legislative Materials - coverage varies

Legislation trackers - Besides Lexis, Westlaw and Bloomberg, you can use these free legislation trackers:


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