Interlibrary Loan

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You can order books, AVs, CDs, and DVDs that the C|M|Law Library or CSU Michael Schwartz Library do not have via OhioLINK. The items come from other universities in Ohio.

OhioLINK catalog url:
For help searching the OhioLINK catalog, click on "Search Tips" at the top right of the OhioLINK catalog page.

Items requested via OhioLINK are usually delivered within 3-7 business days. Law Library Access Services staff will notify you when your item arrives.

See a librarian if you need assistance with this function. 

Other Interlibrary Loan Networks

The Law Library also participates in other interlibrary loan networks which increase the ability of the Library to locate and obtain books, AVs, CDs, DVDs, and journal articles. When the Library has identified the existence of items in local collections, Law students are asked to borrow, photocopy, or use the material directly from those collections. If not available locally, the Law Library will attempt to obtain the needed materials from the closest or most inexpensive sources. Interlibrary loan borrowing and photo duplication fees are not be charged to C|M|Law students. The Law Library also provides full interlibrary loan borrowing services for C|M|Law faculty. To make an ILL request, use the online form below or stop by the Information Services Desk. CSU non-C|M|Law faculty may request interlibrary loans from the CSU Michael Schwartz Library.

Fines for Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Items

A borrowed item will be billed after it is overdue thirty days. You will be billed for the item plus a billing fee of $15.00. The $15.00 billing fee is assessed even if the item is returned. The $15.00 billing fee is a mandatory charge for all items thirty days overdue. If you do not return the overdue item, you will be charged $75.00 for its replacement in addition to the $15.00 billing fee.


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