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Instructional Support Services

Course Materials Web Pages / TWEN / Blackboard

Library staff will assist you in setting up, maintaining, and adding items to Course Materials web pages for any classes you teach. Course Materials web pages are password-protected resource pages for individual classes which remain available throughout the semester in which the course is taught. Library staff will assist you in updating the Course Materials pages; you are not able to make changes directly yourself. Your page can contain items such as syllabi, assignments, readings, relevant web links, CALI lessons, PowerPoint presentations, podcasts, videos and more. For TWEN pages hosted on Westlaw, library staff can assist you in setting up, maintaining, and adding items to your page. Unlike Course Materials Web pages, you have the option of adding items yourself to your TWEN pages. (CONTACT: Jon Elias 687-2483)

Course Reserves

You may place course related items on reserve in the Library. Course reserve materials may come from the Law Library collection, personal collections of the law faculty (which will be returned at the end of the semester), items from other libraries (the lending library's due date may not allow for a full-semester use) or photocopies of cases, articles, or chapters of larger items. Print items will be held on reserve for students at the Library’s Information Services Desk. Electronic items will be linked from your Course Materials webpage. The Law Library complies with the Copyright Law when photocopying items. Beth Farrell contacts each law professor before the semester begins to get a list of items to be put on course reserve. Print course reserve materials are taken off reserve at the end of the semester and returned to the library shelves and/or to the law faculty member’s mailbox. (CONTACT: Information Services 687-2250)


Obtain a CALI password. Offers (1) Interactive electonic lessons - professors set up a Lessonlink to see students' results; (2) Lawdibles - 10 minute audio recordings, explaining difficult concepts; (3) Classcaster - podcasting and blogging platform; and (4) ELangdell and Legal Education Commons - sites for sharing teaching materials, and more.

LexisNexis® Courtroom Cast

LexisNexis® Courtroom Cast offers MP3s of cases from casesbooks, and live courtroom video.

Educational Technology

Reference librarians and IT staff can help you with flipped classrooms, education videos and in-class recording, PowerPoint, Web 2.0, and other educational technologies. We also provide student group instructional sessions in the use of PowerPoint, Refworks, and other educational software. (CONTACT: Amy Burchfield 687-6885)

Recording Lectures

Assistance with in-house and CSU Instructional Media Services recording of course materials, as well as posting of media files to course pages. Options include podcast, screencast, vodcast (video), and MediaSite. (CONTACT: C|M|LAW IT 687-7555)

Training Labs

Adjacent to the main Library PC Lab, we have 2 Training Labs to facilitate your class electronic instructional needs. Each Lab is equipped with 15 workstations and a data projector. Please note that Training Labs cannot be reserved during Reading and Exam Weeks. (CONTACT: Laura Ray 687-6880)

Research Guides

Research Librarians can tailor a course specific research guide for you to use on your own course page or as a handout for your class. (CONTACT Neeri Rao 523-7388)

Research Lectures

We can work with you to develop research lectures and/or assignments. CONTACT: Amy Burchfield 687-6885. To arrange a lecture by a Bloomberg, LexisNexis, or Westlaw rep, contact the rep directly or contact Laura Ray 687-6880.

Course Evaluations

The College of Law's Administrative Office sends course evaluations to the Law Library at the end of each semester. We bind these evaluations and keep them on reserve for 5 years for law student review. Older evaluations are shelved in the library's stacks. (CONTACT: Jon Elias 687-2483)

Past Exams

The College of Law's Administrative Office sends law exams to the Law Library at the end of each semester. With the faculty member’s permission, we place these exams online, accessible only to Cleveland-Marshall College of Law faculty, staff, and students. We also bind the exams and put them on reserve for 10 years for law student review. Older exams are shelved in the library's stacks. If you do not wish to have your exams placed on reserve you must let the College of Law's Administrative Office know. (CONTACT: Jon Elias 687-2483)

CSU Center for Teaching Excellence

Promotes and encourages a culture of excellence in teaching and learning at Cleveland State University. Resources include Suggestions & Ideas on Teaching , Active Learning & Classroom Assessment , and Copyright resources, as well as Consultation services and Improving Classroom Instruction Workshops. See also the CSU Center for eLearning, which provides specialized Faculty services.

See also the Research and Circulation Services page for more services provided by the research librarians.


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