Sources for 1912 Amendment Language and Ballot Form

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  • Form of Ballot Submitting Amendments to the People. p. 2007-2012. Pdf copy
  • Amendments to the Constitution of Ohio, Adopted by the Constitutional Convention of 1912 and Submitted to Electors, p. 2101-2111. Pdf copy
  • Constitution with Amendments with Amendments Proposed by the Constitutional Convention of 1912, and approved by the people. p. 2119-2142. Pdf copy
  • Bigelow, Herbert S. New Constitution for Ohio: An Explanation of the Work of Ohio’s Fourth Constitutional Convention. Washington: [s.n.], July 5, 1912. (Contained in  State Constitutional Conventions, Commissions and Amendments, Congressional Information Service [microform], KF4529 .S74 ) pdf copy.