2015 Law Library Orientation Tech Essentials

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Before Orientation

Below is a list of items that should be completed before Orientation. These items are essential for your success in law school, and we will be using them in your Law Library Orientation session. Please complete the following items in the order they are listed. When working on these items, if you are prompted for a username and password, unless otherwise indicated, use your College of Law username and password. If you have difficulties completing any of these items, come to the Orientation Jump Start session on Monday, August 17, 2015 anytime between 2 p.m. - 6 p.m.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Be sure to look at the First Assignments List so you can come prepared to your Orientation Week classes.

You should also look at the C|M|LAW Student's Library Guide.


Differences between CSU CampusNet Account and C|M|LAW Account

As a C|M|LAW student, you will receive TWO sets of login credentials, one from the main university and one from C|M|LAW. The logins for both accounts use CSU ID (a 7-digit number) as the username. However, the passwords for the two accounts are not synchronized, and you will need to set each of them separately.

CSU (CampusNet) credential

C|M|LAW credential

Change C|M|LAW Password

These instructions will allow you to change your C|M|LAW account password. It applies to C|M|LAW web page, and law library computer lab access. If you wish to change your CSU CampusNet password, please visit the CampusNet website.

  1. Visit "Change C|M|LAW Password" page.
  2. You will be asked to login. Enter your Law School username and the temporary password you received on your orientation letter. Click "Login".
  3. At the "Change C|M|LAW Password page, enter your new password twice and click "Change Password". Your new password must meet the following requirements:
    1. minimum 8 characters long
    2. contain a CAPITAL LETTER
    3. contain a lowercase letter
    4. contain a number
  4. You will be logged out once you successfully changed your password. You may now login with your new password.

Register on CALI

CALI offers interactive electronic lessons on many legal subjects, such as property and civil procedure. CALI lessons can teach you skills useful in law school, such as how to prepare for class, as well as basic lawyering skills, such as legal research and writing. Faculty sometimes assign CALI Lessons as homework or in-class exercises.

For instructions (and to view a video) on registering on CALI, click here. .[You will be prompted to enter your College of Law username and password to connect to the CALI registration instruction page.]

Note: You can connect to CALI from the Law Library home page.

Create a Scholar/OhioLINK PIN

Scholar is the campus-wide catalog for the CSU libraries. CSU also participates in a state consortium of libraries called OhioLINK. If CSU libraries don’t have an item you want, you can search for, and request, it in OhioLINK.

Note: You can also connect to Scholar and OhioLINK from the Law Library home page .

A Scholar/OhioLINK PIN will enable you to manage checked-out materials, requests for materials, and more. To create a Scholar/OhioLINK PIN, follow the instructions below.

  1. Connect to Scholar.
  2. Click on MY ACCOUNT within the top black navigation bar.
  3. At the My Account page, type in your first and last name and CSU ID#, then click on the Submit button.
  4. The system will note you did not enter a PIN, and prompt you to do so or to create one. Follow the instructions and prompts to create your PIN.

For additional information on Scholar, OhioLINK, Law Library loan periods, and renewing materials see the following pages:
Law Library Circulation Policies
Scholar Help: Searching


Computer Lab Information

Be sure your student account is active – go into the Law Library Computer Lab and use your CSU ID and C|M|LAW password to log on to your Account. If you cannot log on, consult the C|M|LAW IT staff.

Review key information on Computer Lab procedures, available word processing software, your H: drive space, Lab printing, and much more here.

CSU Wireless Network Information

Review information on the CSU Wireless Network here.

For information on how to configure your laptop according to CSU's specifications go here.

If you have any difficulties configuring your laptop, consult the C|M|LAW IT staff.

Email Information

Review information on your CSU Email Account and Webmail here.

To configure your mobile devices to receive your email, please see this page.

Law Contacts and Services

Access Services
For assistance with borrowing materials at CSU or via OhioLINK, InterLibrary Loan, Reserve materials, Course Reserve materials, study rooms, and the Law Student Lounge, contact the Access Services staff in person at the Information Services Desk, via telephone at 216-687-2250, or via email at: access.servicesnull@law.csuohio.nulledu (email: access.servicesnull@law.csuohio.nulledu ).

Research Services
For assistance with research, personalized research consultations and Research Certificate Seminars, contact the Research Services staff in person at the Information Services Desk, via telephone at 216-687-6877, or via email at: research.servicesnull@law.csuohio.nulledu (email: research.servicesnull@law.csuohio.nulledu ).

Technology Support
Help Desk: 216-523-7555
Technology Help Request Form
Note: There is a Tech Help form link within the bottom black navigation bar of every College of Law and Law Library Web page. Before displaying the form, the system will prompt you for your Lab Account username and password.


1L Contest

Complete CALI Lesson / Win the Book: Reading Law: The Interpretation of Legal Texts

We have selected Brian Huddleston's Anatomy of a Case for this contest.

The selected lesson is brief, only fifteen minutes. Participants learn the basic parts of a court opinion, the written decision of a court of law that is published in a print reporter or placed digitally on a legal research platform. The components described in this lesson are similar to those contained in Bloomberg Law, Westlaw and LexisNexis and other legal research platforms. This lesson is part of CALI* Lessons, a free and popular law school learning tool. The lessons are digital, self-paced, interactive tutorials covering a variety of law school topics including most 1L courses. Just follow the instructions below to participate.


Enter by 12 am August 25!

Contestants must complete the CALI Lesson to be entered in the contest.

We will be giving away 4 copies of:

Reading Law: The Interpretation of Legal Texts (Antonin Scalia and Bryan A. Garner)

Three winners will be selected on Wednesday, August 27th. The winners will be announced on the C|M|LAW Library Blog.

Contest Instructions:

  1. To be an eligible contestant, you must be a C|M|LAW student and in your first semester of law school.
  2. Enroll online with CALI, by clicking this link.
  3. Use a valid and active email address because a verification email will be sent to that address.
  4. Use C|M|LAW’s CALI authorization code.
  6. Contestants must achieve a score of 7 correct answers.
  7. Contestants are permitted to take the lesson multiple times in order to achieve this score.
  8. Each contestant may only enter once. 
  9. Enter by submitting your completed lesson. Enter by completeing these three steps: 1) click “Complete the Lesson”; 2) click "Finalize this Score”; 3) select YES
  10. All entries must be received by August 25, 2014 at 12:00 AM.

 *CALI is the Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction. CALI is a nonprofit consortium and an innovative force pushing legal education toward positive change. You can browse the CALI Lesson Library of over 800 CALI Lessons.

Contact Brian Cassidy, b.e.cassidynull@csuohio.nulledu (email: b.e.cassidynull@csuohio.nulledu ) 216-523-7364 with any questions.


Revised 8/19/2015 BEC

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