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Technology Information

Below is a list of items that you should know before the school starts. Each is essential for your success in law school, and we will be using them in your Law Library Orientation session. Please read and understand the information below in the order they are listed. When working on these items, if you are prompted for a username and password, unless otherwise indicated, use your C|M|LAW username and password. 


    Differences between CSU CampusNet Account and C|M|LAW Account

    As a C|M|LAW student, you will receive TWO sets of login credentials, one from CSU CampusNet and one from C|M|LAW. The logins for both accounts use your CSU ID number (a 7-digit number) as the username. However, the passwords for the two accounts are not synchronized, and you will need to set each of them separately.

    CSU (CampusNet) Credential Use

    C|M|LAW Credential Use

    Computer Lab Information

    Be sure your student account is active – go into the Law Library Computer Lab and use your C|M|LAW username and password to log on to your Account. If you cannot log on, .call C|M|LAW IT staff at 216-523-7555.

    • Printing is unlimited for current law students
    • Document scanning is available on the lab copier/printer
    • Network drive (H:) is available to current law students and it's backed up daily

    Review key information on Computer Lab procedures, available word processing software, your H: drive space, Lab printing, and much more here.

    CSU Wireless Network Information

    Wireless network in the Law Building and Law Library is provided by CSU. Therefore you will need to use your CSU credential to logon.

    • Only use the secure WiFi network named "CSUwireless "
    • Do not use the guest network "csuguest". It's designed for non-CSU personnel and it's an open network.
    • WiFi is covered throughout the entire CSU campus.

    Review information on the CSU Wireless Network here. For information on how to configure your laptop according to CSU's specifications go here, and see the "Wireless Setup" section.

    If you have any difficulties configuring your laptop, call C|M|LAW IT staff at 216-523-7555.

    Email Information

    E-mail service is provided by CSU. Therefore you need to use the CSU credential to logon.

    • E-mail is used as the main form of information distribution at the Law School so check your e-mail often.
    • The website for checking email is
    • With a few exceptions, all Law School student e-mail has the domain. e.g. j.smith23 @
    • You can forward your law school email to an outside address. However, you may not be able to use a thrid party email to reply to certain class email lists or student organization group emails.

    Review information on your CSU Email Account here.

    To configure your mobile devices to receive your email, go here.

    First Assignments

    Your professor may have assigned an assignment, a.k.a. First Assignment, before the class begins. To find out if you have one or more First Assignments, go to the First Assignment page.

    Exam on Computer

    Majority of the Law School classes use computer software to administer Exams. More information about the exams will be made available later in the semester.

    • You must have a laptop computer to take the exam on the computer
    • You can opt to hand write your exam if you don't have a computer or don't want to use one
    • The exam software requires Microsoft Windows or OSX operating system, and it will NOT work on any mobile or tablet systems

    To be ready for your exams on your own computer, please visit the Exam Portal for detailed information regarding exams.

    Getting Help

    If you need technology help, please contact the C|M|LAW IT Department

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