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Library Research Services

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Call:  216-687-6877


Access via the library home page

Schedule a Research Consultation

TIP:  For more information check out:  C|M|LAW Student's Library Guide>Research & Writing Help

Study Rooms, Study Aids, Past Exams & Faculty Evaluations

  • Past Exams - check this link for more information.
  • Faculty Evaluations -  Faculty evaluations are located behind the Information Services desk.  These evaluations are Reserve items and can be checked out for two hours for in-library use only.  An index of faculty evaluations is also available at the Information Services desk.
  • Study Rooms -  Study Rooms can be reserved through our on-line system. These rooms may be reserved for groups of 2 or more law students once a day and up to 3 consecutive hours.
  • Study Aids -  Study aids summarize cases and legal concepts.  Some are case hornbooks or treatises, which have essays on a legal subject like Torts. Others provide sample essay questions and multiple choice questions, similar to a law school exam.  Sample answers are usually provided.  There are audio CDs and book study aids.   Study Aids guide.

Locating Print Study Aids in the C|M|LAW Library:  Most print study aids are in A066 (map - Atrium level), and can be checked out.  Print study aids located in the Reference area (map - 1st Level) across from the Information Services desk are in-library-use-only copies.  Popular series:  Nutshells, Examples and Explanations, Understanding, Questions and AnswersiPad versions are available for some study aids.

Connecting with e-Study Aids

CALI Library of Lessons are interactive digital law school lessons and podcasts on many legal subjects, such as torts, property, and civil procedure.  CALI Lessons on Surviving Law School teach useful skills such as how to prepare for class and how to take exams, as well as basic lawyering skills, such as legal research and writing.  Faculty sometimes assign CALI Lessons as homework or in-class exercises.  Registering: If you have not yet registered for CALI, you can do so here. Mobile access available.

Courtroom View Network (CVN):  Audiocase Files - MP3s -  Listen to the cases from your casebook, brief summaries, and rules of law.  Text of the cases is also provided.  This is a good substitute if you do not have your casebook handy.  Video Training Library -  Video clips and trial advocacy tips.  Video Archive -  Video of actual cases.  Registering - To create an account, look at the top of the page for:  New user?  Sign up!  Mobile access available.

TIP:  For more information, check out:  C|M|LAW Student's Library GuideStudy & Exam Help

Library Printing

  • Printing: On-Campus 

C|M|LAW Library Lab Printers:  There are two networked printers in the computer lab. When you are signed onto a lab computer, you can print to either of these two printers. To print your non-Westlaw or non-LexisNexis print-outs in the lab, select the Student Lab Xerox Work Centre option.  The Computer Lab has a multifunction printer/scanner/copier that can be used for printing resumes and cover letters, using your own high quality paper.

Westlaw Printer: Select the Westlaw Library option to print Westlaw documents in the lab.

LexisNexis Printer:  All print jobs from LexisNexis should be sent to the separate LexisNexis printer.  LexisNexis sponsors and maintains this machine.  Daily Limit on LexisNexis Printer:  Students are limited to 200 pages on the LexisNexis printer per day.  Printing in excess of this amount may result in cancelation of the print request and/or suspension of your ability to print to this printer.  Students found to be printing excessively will receive warning email notices before suspension of their printing abilities.

  • Printing: Off-Campus:

C|M|Law Network Drive (H Drive):  Please note that the H Drive is not available off-campus.  Personal documents cannot be printed on C|M|Law Library Printers off-campus.  Only the LexisNexis printer and the Westlaw Library lab option are available from off-campus, and these printers will only accept documents from their own platforms.

Library Social Media & Tours

  • Social Media -  For the latest happenings, see our  C|M|Law Library BlogFacebook  & Twitter pages.
  • Guided Tours:  Sign up for a Law Library tour at the Information Services desk.


iPads and Other Mobile Devices

 Tech Help

Use the Tech Help link at the bottom of virtually every page of the College of Law & Law Library web sites to send a tech request.

  • Law School Technology -  Information on computer lab & printing, email, wireless network, and more.
  • Wireless Connections @ C|M|Law -  If you have not yet configured your laptop, there are instructions on Information Services and Technology's CSU Wireless Network page.  You can also see a Law Library IT staff person, who can configure it for you.
  • IMPORTANT REMINDER:  If you ever get an email saying there is a problem with your account and asking for your password, do not reply and do not send your password.  This is phishing.  If there is a problem with your account, Law Library IT staff may send you an email but will NEVER ask you to send your password via email.  If you reply to a phishing email by sending your account information, your email account will be suspended for a minimum of 24 hours per University policy.


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