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A customer slips and falls in a puddle of Pepsi on the floor of a grocery store, located in Lakewood, Ohio.  Is the grocery store liable for the customer's injuries?

Library Catalogs

Find books, ebooks, videos, etc. on point

Do a keyword search in Scholar for: ohio tort
Sort your search results by date

If our library does not have what you need, can order from OhioLINK

Click on My Account at the top of the screen on Scholar to see your checked out materials and to renew books.

Did you remember to create your Scholar PIN?  You will need a PIN to access MyAccount.


If you are writing a paper later in your law school career, CSU Worldcat can help.  It searches articles contained in databases, Scholar, OhioLINK, and library catalogs around the world.

Items from CSU libraries are listed first, followed by Ohiolink, then by items from libraries worldwide.  Results can be filtered by format (book, article, video, etc.); database, author and more. 

You can order items from OhioLINK yourself, but if you want an item outside Ohio, you will need to ask the library staff for an Interlibrary Loan.

Advanced WorldCat Search allows field searching for title, author, date, location and format, and allows you to select databases searched. You may want to add the Legal Collection database, which contains law review articles.  LexisNexis and Westlaw cannot be included in the Worldcat search.

For help, see WorldCat FAQ.


Research Guides

  • Start with Library Research Guides

C|M|LAW Library Research Guides help you study and research. Most focus on legal subject areas/disciplines providing access and instruction to appropriate resources. These tools are also called finding aids because they  list, describe, and evaluate useful resources on a topic. In an earlier generation, these tools were called bibliographies. 

TIP: Using C|M|LAW Library Research Guides is a cost-effective way to start working almost any research problem.  You can quickly find starting points for researching many legal subject areas by using C|M|LAW Library research guides.  Law librarians prepare guides to help students, faculty, and legal professionals to find the law as easily as possible.

  • Locating Library Research Guides

The link to our Research Guides is located on the library's home page.

SAMPLE SEARCH: Research Guides


Find a research guide on tort law by browsing or searching our guides.

  1. Access C|M|LAW Library home page
  2. Locate Research Guides
  3. Click either Browse All Guides
  4. Or use the Search Box



Law Databases

  • Licensed Library Research Databases

These are organized collections of information licensed by the Michael Schwartz Library and the C|M|LAW Library  designed to allow users easy access to data. Some examples of the research databases at C|M|LAW Library include: Westlaw, LexisNexis, and Bloomberg Law.  

  • Limitations of Google

The Internet can be a starting place for legal research, but more complex questions may require licensed databases.  Databases purchased by the library contain content unavailable on the free Internet and have more powerful searching. 

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