Legal Research Seminars

Law Library Legal Research Seminars are for C|M|LAW students, including our MLS and LL.M. students. Law Library Legal Research Seminars are available online via the Westlaw TWEN platform. You earn points for completing a Seminar by correctly answering 3/4 of the questions on that Seminar’s quiz. Your Seminar points are good for the entire time you are here at C|M|LAW. When you earn 100 points, you are awarded a Law Library "Legal Research Letter of Recognition" and a Digital Badge, which you can share on social networks, blogs, and websites. You can earn multiple Letters and Digital Badges.

To see the Law Library Legal Research Seminars TWEN course, you need to add it to your TWEN courses. Sign on to Westlaw and connect to TWEN. At the TWEN page, at the upper right, click the arrow next to "Manage Courses" and select "Add Course." The system will display a window with available Courses - select "C|M|Law Library Legal Research Seminars" then click the blue Add icon.

Law Library Legal Research Seminars on TWEN

* Seminars address cost-effective research or social justice research issues.

  • The Bluebook: Citing to Basic Sources (16:50 mins; 25 points)
  • The Bluebook for Seminar Papers & Notes (16:59 mins.; 12.5 points)
  • Finding Study Aids (13:24 mins.; 12.5 points)
  • * Starting Research with Secondary Sources * (20:06 mins; 12.5 points)
  • Lexis Overview (20:11 mins.; 12.5 points)
  • Shepard's (11:16 mins.; 12.5 points)
  • Westlaw Overview (27:03 mins; 12.5 points)
  • KeyCite (9:05 mins; 12.5 points)
  • Practical Law by Westlaw (12:45 mins; 12.5 points)
  • * Terms & Connectors Searching * (13:06 mins; 12.5 points)
  • * Cost-Effective Searching on Lexis and Westlaw * (14:23 mins.; 12.5 points)
  • Administrative Law (22:44 mins; 25 points)
  • * Cost Effective Federal Legislative History: & * (15:52 mins; 12.5 points)
  • ProQuest Congressional (17:45 mins.; 12.5 points)
  • Family Law Research Resources (12:51 mins.; 12.5 points)
  • Researching Foreign Law (10:20 mins; 12.5 points)
  • HeinOnline  (16:49 mins.; 12.5 points)
  • Scholar Catalog  (14:23 mins; 12.5 points)
  • Research on the Web (14:58 mins.; 12.5 points)

For more information on the Law Library Legal Research Seminars, email us at research.servicesnull@law.csuohio.nulledu 


LER 8/20/2021

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