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State and Federal Codes
    Federal Statutes, Federal Legislative History & Pending Bills
    Ohio Statutes,  Ohio Legislative History & Pending Bills
State Statutes & Legislative History

State and Federal Codes

LexisNexis Academic - Annotated copies of the U.S. Code and annotated codes for all fifty states. Alternatively, access the codes via the Sources tab. Available in the law library to the public. Available remotely with a CSU ID and SCHOLAR PIN.

Casemaker : Contains the unannotated U.S. Code - check currency information, may have to update with public laws. Unannotated statutes for all fifty states. Available at the public access terminals in the law library, or remotely with a Casemaker username and password.

Federal Statutes, Legislation and Codes


Federal Legislative History, Pending Bills

For more information see Legislative History Research Guide


Ohio Statutes, Legislation and Codes

You may also want to try the following custom search engines: Ohio Primary Materials; Everything Ohio Law

Legislative History, Pending Bills and News

See: Legislative History Research Guide: Ohio and Other States AND Ohio Legal Research Guide – Legislative History



Statutes for All States



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