Alumni Network

Nearly everywhere you look, you find a CSU Cleveland-Marshall graduate doing something extraordinary.

CSU Cleveland-Marshall has a strong network of prominent alumni working in government, high-profile law firms and major companies. Over 100 CSU Cleveland-Marshall alumni currently serve as judges throughout the United States. Three current members of the Ohio Supreme Court, including Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor, and six former members of the court are graduates of CSU Cleveland-Marshall. Cleveland-Marshall

Graduates are involved in numerous capacities with city, county, state and federal government. Among those distinguished graduates in government positions are the mayor of Cleveland, Frank G. Jackson, and U.S. congresswomen Marcia L. Fudge. Nearly 300 CSU Cleveland-Marshall graduates act as president, vice president or CEOs in companies, including major corporations such as Bank of America, Eaton, KeyCorp, Morgan Stanley, PNC Financial Services, Progressive, United Technologies and Yahoo. CSU Cleveland-Marshall graduates also serve as in-house counsel at a wide array of companies, including major international corporations Allstate Insurance, Bridgestone, Chevron, General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, Nationwide, Parker Hannifin, PetSmart, Sherwin-Williams and State Farm Insurance.

Our alumni, regardless of where they are on the globe, are never far from CSU Cleveland-Marshall. These leaders are quick to cite their CSU Cleveland-Marshall experience as a vital component to their success, and long after graduation, they remain part of the cohesive, visible, and supportive CSU Cleveland-Marshall family.

These leaders form your network. This is a story of success that you will continue.

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