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Bobbi Wilson

Bobbi Wilson 

Year in Law School: 3L

Hometown: Waynesville, Ohio

Undergraduate School: Capital University, Bachelor of Arts in History and International Studies

In Bobbi’s Words:

About BOBBI:

  • Wants to get involved with advocacy law
  • Involved in the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association’s 3Rs program
  • Worked as case assistant for a law firm as an undergraduate
  • Served as president of student government at Capital
  • Volunteers with the Salvation Army and pro bono clinics
  • Enjoys running and experiencing the restaurants, museums and sports in Cleveland
What is it that made you want to become a lawyer and go to law school?

I have wanted to go to law school since I was in fifth grade. My aunt became an attorney and that became what I wanted to do. I loved history and writing, so it just seemed like a logical fit. When I worked at a law firm in undergrad, it furthered my desires even more.

People have often been surprised when I have said I want to be an attorney because I come off soft-spoken at times and non-confrontational. If I truly believe in something though, I want to fight for it as much as I can.

What inspired you to want to work on human rights issues?

I have always had a passion for volunteering and helping those in need. My desires to make it my career began when I took a trip to the Dominican Republic to teach English to children. It was amazing to see how many children did not have supplies, adequate food and clothing, and some were even without homes. I then did my undergraduate thesis on adoptions in China and Haiti after the earthquake, and my passion grew from there. I just want to be able to do my part to help children and families in need.

How does having causes you want to work on in human rights advocacy help motivate you through the rigors of law school?

The first day I found out that I was going to be on crutches (due to a broken femur) along with going through my first semester of law school, I went to a pro bono clinic and got to help people who really needed it. It was a good reminder that no matter how hard law school was, I was doing it to help people. The people at the clinic were so appreciative. I think of times like those when I have had a long, draining day.

What do you like most about the experience at Cleveland-Marshall?

I like that Cleveland-Marshall really tries to prepare you for real-world experiences in the legal field. I have been exposed to many areas of law already, just in my first semester. There are so many opportunities to get involved in the school or in the community.

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