The Active Student

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David Carter

Year in Law School: 3L

Hometown: Wadsworth, Ohio

Undergraduate School: Case Western Reserve University, Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science

In David’s Words:

About David:

  • President of the Student Bar Association
  • Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association membership committee member & Law Student Subcommittee member
  • Former NCAA Division III athlete who still pursues competitive distance running (trains 70-100 miles weekly)
  • Alumni member of a college men’s barbershop Glee Club
  • Regular volunteer at the Cleveland Foodbank
How does maintaining outside interests help you get through the rigors of law school?

Without sufficient outside interests, it is not uncommon for law school to overwhelm a student and bleed into other aspects of the student’s personal and professional life. Although my legal education is an important part of my life for three years, maintaining outside interests reminds me that there is life and important matters outside Cleveland-Marshall. Law students must recognize that they need to strike that life balance because it is essential to maintaining a positive outlook while in law school. Outside interests motivate me through difficult or stressful periods that are unavoidable.

What are you favorite things to do in the Cleveland area?

As a runner and nature enthusiast, I enjoy visiting the many parks that contribute to Cleveland’s nickname as The Forest City. Cleveland also offers a variety of excellent dining, craft beer and microbrewery options that make it a wonderful city to balance law school, work, and life.

How do you balance your time between studying and other activities?

Being an effective time-manager begins with living a healthy lifestyle. I can accomplish my professional and academic goals while still having time for recreational pursuits by not losing productivity or time to illness. Periodically I analyze my schedule and where I lose time during the day or during the week, so that I do not slowly slip into habits of losing minutes throughout a day and hours throughout a week.

What do you like most about the experience at Cleveland-Marshall?

Cleveland-Marshall fosters a genuine sense of community among students. Professors are approachable, and administration and staff are supportive and congenial. The people I have met at Cleveland-Marshall are first-rate colleagues and scholars. They comprise an overall genuine and exemplary community.

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